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TREATY WITH THE WYANDOTS, ETC. 1795. 53 no private revenge or retaliation shall take place; but instead thereof] complaint shall be made by the party injured, to the other: By the said Indian tribes, or any of them, to the President of the United States, or the superintendant by him appointed; and by the superintendent or other person appointed by the President, to the principal chiefs of the said Indian tribes, or of the tribe to which the offender belongs; and such prudent measures shall then be pursued as shall be necessary to preserve the said peace and friendship unbroken, until the Legislature (or Great Council) of the United States, shall make other equitable provision in the case, to the satisfaction of both parties. Should any Ipdigngto give Indian tribes meditate a war against the United States or either of them, ¤°*i<>¤°fd°S¤S¤¤ and the same shall come to the knowledge of the before-mentioned °g*""°t U` S' tribes, or either of them, they do hereby engage to give immediate notice thereof to the general or officer commanding the troops of the United States, at the nearest post, And should any tribe, with hostile intentions against the United States, or either of them, attempt to pass through their country, they will endeavour to prevent the same, and in like manner give information of such attempt, to the general or officer commanding, as soon as possible, that all causes of mistrust and suspicion may be avoided between them and the United States. In like manner the United States shall give notice to the said Indian tribes of any harm that may be meditated against them, or either of them, that shall come to their knowledge; and do all in their power to hinder and prevent the same, that the friendship between them may be uninterrupted. ARTICLE X. All other treaties heretofore made between the United States and the Formertma, said Indian tribes, or any of them, since the treaty of 1783, between ties void. the United States and Great Britain, that come within the purview of this treaty, hall henceforth cease and become void. In Testimony whereof, the said Anthony Wayne, and the Sachems and War-Chiefs of the before-mentioned Nations and Tribes of Indians, have hereunto set their Hands, and atlixed their Seals. Done at Greeneville, in the Territory of the United States, northwest of the river Ohio, on the third Day of August, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. ANTHONY WAYNE. Wyandola. gms-na-he-han, (or Captain vgrogv) _ ue-Shawk-sey, or George as ington _r{a§;§f;,F,:,;,(§5;?6) Wey Win-quis, ger Billy Siscomb) ) Tay-yagh-taw, M°°°°> Ha-ro-en-you, (or half King’s Son) Sh“w“"”·’· Te-haaw-to-rens, Mis—qua-coo-na-caw, (or Red Pole) Aw-me-yec-ray, Cut-the-we-ka-saw, (or Black Hoof) Stayé·tah, Kay-se-wa-e-se-kah, Sha-tey-ya-ron-yah, (or Leather Lips) Wey·tha-pa-mat—tha, Daugh-shut-tay-nh, Nia-nym-se-ka, Sha-aw-run-the, Way·the-ah, (or Long Shanks) Wey-u-pier-sen.waw, (or Blue Jacket) Dclawurw _ Ne-que, taugh-aw, Tm-boksh-kc. (cr Gund G1¤i¤¤ Kms) Hanqoaseekaw, (or captain mai) Le-man-tan-quis, (cr Black King) ( w...ta.t»m, Ottaw- Magh-pi-way, (or Red Feather) Au-goosh-away, Kik-tha—we-nund, (or Anderson) Kee-no-sha-meek, Bu-korn-ge-he-las, La Malice, Pee-kee-lund, Ma-chi-we-tah, Welle-haw-kee-lund, Tho-wo-na-wa, $ Pee-keé-télé-mund, (cr Thomas Adams) Se-caw,

 Kish—ko·pe-kund, (or Captain Butfaloe) 2

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