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[70 Stat. 178]
[70 Stat. 178]


PUBLIC LAW 533-MAY 19, 1956



69 stau 208.

American Battle Monuments Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $9,000; Civil Service Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $1,065,000; Federal Civil Defense Administration: "Operations", $362,000, to be derived by transfer from the appropriation "Emergency supplies and equipment"; "Salaries and expenses, civil defense functions of Federal agencies", $40,000, to be derived by transfer from the appropriation "Emergency supplies and equipment"; Federal Communications Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $453,000; Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service: "Salaries and expenses", $160,000; Federal Power Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $250,000, Federal Trade Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $286,000; General Accounting Office: "Salaries and expenses", $1,500,000; Indian Claims Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $1,700; Interstate Commerce Commission: "General expenses", $670,000; "Kailroad safety", $60,500; "Locomotive inspection", $44,500; National Capital Housing Authority: "Maintenance and operation of properties", $1,400; National Capital Planning Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $6,700; National Mediation Board: National Railroad Adjustment Board: "Salaries and expenses" (decrease of $18,000 in the limitation upon the amount available for compensation and expenses of referees); Securities and Exchange Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $323,000; Selective Service System: "Salaries and expenses" (decrease the amount of the limitation under this head in the Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1956, on the amount available for registration, classification, and induction activities of local boards from "$20,963,700" to "$20,636,300"); Small Business Administration: "Salaries and expenses", $128,000; Smithsonian Institution: "Salaries and expenses", $166,000; "Salaries and expenses. National Gallery of Art", $81,000; Tariff Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $83,000; United States Information Agency: "Salaries and expenses", $2,000,000; Veterans Administration: "General operating expenses", $9,500,000; "Medical administration and miscellaneous operating expenses", $755,600; "Inpatient care", $30,790,600; "Maintenance and operation of supply depots", $50,000; GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION

"Emergency operating expenses", $265,000; "Operating expenses. Federal Supply Service", $190,000; "Expenses, general supply fund", $625,000; "Operating expenses. National Archives and Records Service", $325,000; "Administrative operations", $285,000;