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lis § 1581. Appointment: professional and scientific services (a) The Secretary of Defense may establish not more than six civilian positions to carry out research and development relating to the national defense, military medicine, and other activities of the Department of Defense that require the services of specially qualified scientific or professional personnel. (b) Subject to the Civil Service Commission's approval as to rates, the Secretary may fix the compensation for positions established under subsection (a). However, the compensation may not be less than $10,000 or more than $15,000 a year. (c) Positions established under subsection (a) are in the classified civil service of the United States. However, if the Civil Service Commission or a person designated by it approves a proposed appointee's qualifications, no competitive examination may be required. § 1582. Professional and scientific services: reports to Congress on appointments The Secretary of Defense shall report to Congress each calendar year on the number of positions established under sections 1581, 4021, 7471, and 9021 of this title during that calendar year. The report shall list the name, rate of compensation, functions, and qualifications of each incumbent. However, the Secretary may omit any item if he considers that a full public report on it would be detrimental to the national security. I n such a case, he shall present the information, in executive session, to such committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives as are designated by the presiding officers of those bodies. § 1583. Employment of certain persons without compensation (a) The Secretary of Defense may employ, without compensation, not more than 10 persons of outstanding experience and ability. However, a person so employed may be allowed transportation, and not more than $15 a day instead of subsistence, while away from his home or regular place of business pursuant to employment under this section, (b) The Secretary may, by regulation, exempt persons employed under subsection (a) from sections 281, 283, 284, 434, and 1914 of title 18 and section 99 of title 5. § 1584. Laws relating to employment of non-citizens: not applicable to research and development activities Laws prohibiting the employment of, or payment of compensation or expenses to, a person who is not a citizen of the United States do not apply to any expert, scientist, technician, or professional person whose employment in connection with the research and development activities of a military department is determined to be necessary by the Secretary of that department.


101. Training Generally