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200 §3502.

Army National Guard in Federal service: physical examination (a) Under regulations prescribed hj the President, each member of the Army National Guard called into Federal service shall be examined as to physical fitness, without further commission or enlistment. (b) Immediately before such a member is mustered out of Federal service he shall be examined as to physical fitness. The record of this examination shall be retained by the United States. § 3503. Retired commissioned officers: status A retired commissioned officer of the Army who is on active duty is considered, for all purposes except promotion, to be an officer of the branch or organization to which he is assigned.

§3504. Retired members: limitations; grade (a) The President may order any retired member of the Regular Army to active duty. H e may assign a member ordered under this subsection to such duties as he considers necessary in the interests of national defense. (b) When ordered to active duty, a retired commissioned officer of the Army any part of whose service was in the Corps of Engineers is eligible to fill any position required by law to be filled by a commissioned officer of the Corps of Engineers. (c) Whenever any of the following persons is ordered to active duty, he shall be ordered in his retired g r a d e: (1) Any officer who served four years as Chief of the Medical Service Corps. (2) Any officer who served two and one-half years as Chief of the Army Nurse Corps or as Chief or an assistant chief of the Women's Medical Specialist Corps. (3) Any officer who served two and one-half years as Director or Deputy Director of the Women's Army Corps. CHAPTER 343.—SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS, MENTS, DETAILS, A N D D U T I E S Sec.


S531. Chief of Staff to President: appointment, 3532. Assistant to Comptroller of Department of Defense: detail, grade. 3533. Corps of Engineers: assignment or transfer of officers to duties involving civil functions. 3534. Engineer Commissioner of the District of Columbia; assistants: detail. 3535. Assistant to Chief of Engineers. 3536. Leader of Army Band: appointment. 8538. Geological Survey: detail of officers of Ordnance Corps. 3539. American National Red Cross: detail of oflBcers of Army Medical Service. 8540. Educational institutions: detail of members of regular or reserve components as professors and instructors in military science and tactics. S541. National Guard Bureau: assignment of officers of regular or reserve components. 3542. Chief and assistant chief of staff of divisions of Army National Guard in Federal service: detail. 3543. Aides: detail; number authorized. 3544. Duties: regular officers; performance of civil functions restricted. 3545. Duties: officers; superintendence of cooking for enlisted members. 3546. Duties: officers of Medical Corps, contract surgeons; attendance on faml> lies of members. 3547. Duties: chaplains; assistance required of commanding officers. 3548. Duties: warrant officers; limitations.