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239 (b) The permanent professors of the Academy shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. (c) No graduate of the Academy may be appointed or detailed to serve at the Academy as a professor or instructor, or as an assistant to a professor or instructor, within two years after his graduation. § 4334. Command and supervision (a) The supervision and charge of the Academy is in the Department of the Army, under officers of the Army detailed to that duty by the Secretary of the Army. (b) The immediate government of the Academy is under the Superintendent, who is also the commanding officer of the Academy and of the military post at West Point. (c) The Commandant of Cadets is the immediate commander of the Corps of Cadets, and is in charge of the instruction of the Corps in tactics. (d) The permanent professors exercise command only in the academic department of the Academy. § 4335. Dean of Academic Board (a) The Dean of the Academic Board shall be appointed as an additional permanent professor from the permanent professors who have served as heads of departments of instruction at the Academy. (b) The Dean of the Academic Board shall perform such duties as the Superintendent of the Academy may prescribe with the approval of the Secretary of the Army. The Dean has the regular grade of brigadier general while serving as such, with the benefits authorized for regular brigadier generals of the Army, except that his retirement age is that of a permanent professor of the Academy. § 4336. Permanent professors A permanent professor of the Academy, other than the Dean of the Academic Board, who is the head of a department of instruction, or who has served as such a professor for more than six years, has the regular grade of colonel. However, a permanent professor appointed from the Regular Army has the regular grade of colonel after the date when he completes six years of service as a professor, or after the date when a promotion-list officer, junior to him on the promotion list on which his name was carried before his appointment as a professor, is promoted to the regular grade of colonel, whichever is earlier. All other permanent professors have the regular grade of lieutenant colonel. § 4337. Chaplain There shall be a chaplain at the Academy, who must be a clergyman, appointed by the President for a term of four years. The chaplain is entitled to a salary of $5,482.80 a year, and to the same allowances for public quarters as are allowed to a captain, and to fuel and light for quarters in kind. The chaplain may be reappointed and, if reappointed, he is entitled to a salary of $6,714 a year and those allowances. § 4338. Director of music (a) The director of music, who is also the leader of the Military Academy Band, has the rank piescribed by the Secretary of the Army and is entitled to the pay and allowances of a commissioned officer