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376 to duty in aircraft that are engaged in combat missions nor may they be assigned to duty on vessels of the Navy other than hospital ships and transports. § 6016. Retired officers carried on Navy Register Except as provided in section 1376 of this title, the names of retired officers of the Regular Navy and the Regular Marine Corps shall be carried on the Navy Register. § 6017. Retired list for Reserve members entitled to retired pay The Secretary of the Navy shall maintain a United States Naval Reserve Retired List containing the names of members of the Naval Reserve and the Marine Corps Reserve entitled to retired pay. §6018. Naval officers: shore duty; limitations An officer of the Regular Navy, other than an officer in the Nurse Corps and other than a woman officer appointed under section 5590 of this title, may not be assigned to shore duty, unless— (1) the shore duty is specifically provided for by law; or (2) the Secretary of the Navy determines that the employment of the officer on shore duty is required by the public interest and his determination to that effect is stated in the officer's orders to shore duty. § 6019. Citizenship of officers of vessels The officers of vessels of the United States shall in all cases be citizens of the United States. § 6020. Marine Corps officers: detail to duty in Supply Department Officers of the Marine Corps may be detailed, in numbers required by the needs of the service, for duty in the Supply Department of the Marine Corps for a period of four years. § 6021. Aviation duties: number of personnel assigned The number of officers and enlisted members of the Navy and the Marine Corps detailed to duty involving flying and to other duties in connection with aircraft shall be in accordance with the requirements of naval aviation as determined by the Secretary of the Navy. § 6022. Aviation training facilities The President may maintain facilities to provide flight training for 16,000 members of the naval service. § 6023. Aviation designations: naval aviator (a) Members of the naval service in the following categories may be designated as naval aviators: (1) Commissioned officers. (2) Midshipmen appointed under section 6906 of this title. (3) Warrant officers, W - 1, classed as of the line. (b) To be eligible for designation as a naval aviator, a member must have successfully completed the course prescribed for naval aviators and must—