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467 tary school in that State that desires to instruct its cadets in elementary seamanship one fully equipped cutter for every 25 cadets attending the school, and such other equipment adequate for instruction in elementary seamanship as may be spared. (b) To be eligible for a loan under this section a school must— (1) have adequate facilities for cutter drill; (2) have at least 75 cadets— (A) at least 15 years of age; (B) in uniform; (C) receiving military instruction; and (D) quartered in barracks under military regulations; and (3) have the capacity to quarter and educate 150 cadets at one time. (c) Whenever a loan is made under this section, the Secretary shall require a bond in double the value of the property for its care and return when required. CHAPTER 649.—QUARTERS, UTILITIES, A N D RELATED SERVICES Sec. 7571. 7572. 7573. 7574. 7575. 757(i. 7577. 7578. 7579.

Q u a r t e r s or other accommodations: to whom furnished. Q u a r t e r s: accommodations in place of for members on sea duty. Q u a r t e r s: temporary; transient members. Q u a r t e r s: limitations on size. Q u a r t e r s: exemptions from cost limitations. Q u a r t e r s: extension telephones. Q u a r t e r s: Nurse Corps Officers; assignment in hospitals. Tableware and kitchen u t e n s i l s: limitations on furnishing. Officers' messes and q u a r t e r s: limitations on employment of enlisted members. 7580. H e a t and light for Young Men's Christian Association buildings. 7581. Marine Corps post l a u n d r i e s: disposition of receipts.

§ 7571. Quarters or other accommodations: to whom furnished (a) Under such regulations as the Secretary of the Navy prescribes, public quarters including heat, light, water, and refrigeration may be furnished for personnel in the following categories who are on active duty: (1) Members of the naval service. (2) Members of the Coast Guard when it is operating as a service in the Navy. (3) Members of the Coast and Geodetic Survey serving with the Navy. If public quarters are not available for any such member, the Secretary may provide lodging accommodations for him. Lodging accommodations so provided rilay not be occupied, by the member's dependents. (b) The Secretary may determine in any case whether public quarters are available within the meaning of any provision of law relating to the assignment of or commutation for public quarters. (c) The Secretary, to the extent he considers proper, may delegate the authority conferred by subsection (a), except the authority to prescribe regulations, to any person in the Department of the Navy^ with or without authority to make successive redelegations.