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545 family become dependent upon him for care or support because of the death or disability of a member of that family. §8814. Regular commissioned officers: discharge during threeyear probationary period The Secretary of the Air Force may discharge a regular commissioned oflSicer of the Air Force who has less than three years of continuous service as a commissioned officer therein. However, such an officer may not be discharged because of his marriage, unless the marriage occurred within one year after the date of his original appointment. § 8815. Regular enlisted members: resignation of members enlisted on career basis; limitations (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), a Regular who serves at least three years of an enlistment for an unspecified period under section 8256(b) of this title may submit his resignation to the Secretary of the Air Force and shall be discharged within three months thereafter. (b) The Secretary is not required to accept a resignation submitted under subsection (a) — (1) until the member completes two years of service in his current overseas assignment, if the resignation is submitted after the member embarks for such an assignment or while he is stationed overseas; (2) until two years after the member completes a course of instruction under section 9301 of this title, if he has taken such a course; (3) until six months after its submission, if the member is under investigation or in default concerning public property or funds; (4) while the member is absent without leave or is serving a sentence of a court-martial; or (5) during a war, or during a national emergency declared by Congress or the President. § 8816. Regular enlisted members: minority discharge Upon the application of the parents or guardian of a regular enlisted member under 18 years of age who enlisted without the written consent of his parents or guardian, the Secretary of the Air Force shall discharge the member with the pay and form of discharge certificate to which his service entitles him. § 8817. Aviation cadets: discharge The Secretary of the Air Force may discharge an aviation cadet at any time. § 8818. Regular female members: termination of appointment or enlistment The Secretary of the Air Force, under regulations prescribed by the President, may terminate the appointment or enlistment of any female member of the Regular Air Force. However, the appointment of a commissioned officer may not be terminated under this section by dismissal.