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563 § 9341. Faculty and other officers: leaves of absence The Superintendent of the Academy may ^rant a leave of absence for the period of the suspension of the ordinary academic studies, without deduction of pay or allowances, to a professor, assistant professor, instructor, or other officer of the Academy. §9342. Cadets: appointment; numbers, territorial distribution (a) The authorized strength of Air Force Cadets of the Academy is as follows — (1) eight cadets from each State, four nominated by each Senator from the State; (2) four cadets from each congressional district, nominated by the Representative from the district; (3) four cadets from each Territory, nominated by the Delegate in Congress from the Territory; (4) four cadets from Puerto Eico, nominated by its Resident Commissioner; (5) six cadets from the District of Columbia, nominated by its Commissioners; (6) two cadets nominated by the Governor of the Canal Zone; (7) 172 cadets from the United States at large, selected or nominated under subsection (e); (8) 180 cadets from enlisted members of the Air Force, appointed under subsection (g);and (9) in addition to the cadets authorized in clauses (l) - (8), any cadets appointed under subsection (h). (b) All cadets are appointed by the President. An appointment is conditional until the cadet is admitted. (c) No person may be nominated under clauses (l)-(5) of subsection (a), unless he is domiciled in the State or Territory, or in the congressional district, from which he is nominated, or in the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico, if nominated from one of those places. (d) To be eligible for nomination by the Governor of the Canal Zone, a person must be the son of a civilian residing in the Canal Zone, or of a civilian officer or employee of the United States or the Panama Canal Company residing in the Republic of Panama. (e) Of the 172 cadets authorized to be appointed from the United States at large— (1) 89 may be personally selected by the President; (2) 3 may be nominated by the Vice President; (3) 40 shall be nominated under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Air Force, from honor graduates of the schools designated by the Department of the Army or the Department of the Air Force as honor military schools or by the Department of the Navy as honor naval schools; and (4) 40, otherwise qualified for admission, may be selected in order of merit as established by competitive examination, from the sons o:^ members of the armed forces who were killed in action or died of wounds or injuries received or diseases contracted in, or preexisting injury or disease aggravated by, active service (A) m