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CHAPTER 7.—BOARDS, COUNCILS, AND COMMITTEES See. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175.

Armed Forces Policy Council. Ammunition storage board. Advisory personnel. Advisory personnel: research and development. Reserve Forces Policy Board.

§ 171. Armed Forces Policy Council (a) There is in the Department of Defense an Armed Forces Policy Council consisting of— (1) the Secretary of Defense, as Chairman, with the power of decision; (2) the Deputy Secretary of Defense; (3) the Secretary of the Army; (4) the Secretary of the Navy; f 5) the Secretary of the Air Force; (6) the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; (7) the Chief of Staff of the Army; (8) the Chief of Naval Operations; and (9) the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. (b) The Armed Forces Policy Council shall advise the Secretary of Defense on matters of broad policy relating to the armed forces and shall consider and report on such other matters as the Secretary of Defense may direct. § 172. Ammunition storage board (a) The Secretaries of the military departments, acting through a joint board of officers selected by them, shall keep informed on stored supplies of ammunition and components thereof for use of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, with particular regard to keeping those supplies properly dispersed and stored and to preventing hazardous conditions from arising to endanger life and property inside or outside of storage reservations. (b) The board shall confer with and advise the Secretaries of the military departments in carrying out the recommendations in House Document No. 199 of the Seventieth Congress. § 173. Advisory personnel (a) The Secretary of Defense may establish such advisory committees and employ such part-time advisers as he considers necessary for the performance of his functions and those of the agencies under his control. (b) A person who serves as a member of a committee may not be paid for that service while holding another position or office under the United States for which he receives compensation. Other members and part-time advisers may serve without compensation or may be paid not more than $50 for each day of service, as the Secretary determines. (c) Sections 281, 283, and 284 of title 18 do not apply to a person because of his service on a committee, or as a part-time adviser, under subsection (a), unless he performs an act which is unlawful under one of those sections and which relates to a matter directly involving a