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[71 Stat. 86]
[71 Stat. 86]




^"^^^ Justice, Department of—Continued ^^^® Labor, Department of—Continued Labor Statistics, Bureau of, appropriaTransfer of funds, authority 185 tion for 213 United States attorneys and marshals, Mexican farm labor program, appropriappropriation for 60, 185 tion for 213 Witnesses— Publicity or propaganda, restriction on Appropriation for fees and expenses __ 13, 61 use of funds for 226 Statements and reports, demands for Secretary, Office of the, appropriation production of 595 for 181,210 K Solicitor, Office of the, appropriation for 210 Kendrick Project, Wyo., approval of conUnemployment compensation, a p p r o tract, etc 608 priation for 211, 212 Kentucky, Bunker Hill Island in Lake Veterans' Remployment Rights, Cumberland, land conveyance to Bureau of, appropriation for 211 State by Department of Army 456 Wage and H o u r Division, appropriaKings Point, N. Y., Merchant Marine tion for 213 Academy, appropriation for 73 War-risk hazards, compensation for inKlamath County, Oreg., school board juries or deaths resulting from, funds, recoupment 243 time extension 242 Klamath River Basin Compact, consent of Women's Bureau, appropriation for 213 Congress _, 497 Labor-Management Panel, funds availKlamath Tribe of Indians, Oreg., terminaable for expenses 225 tion of Federal supervision 347 Korea, m u t u a l security assistance 356 Labor-Management Relations Act, 1947, funds for effecting provisions. 210, 224, 225 Korean Conflict: Labor Relations Board, National. See Second Infantry Division, memorial for National Labor Relations Board. dead 436 Labor Standards, Bureau of, appropriation Unknown American of— for 210 E n to m b m e n t in Arlington National Cemetery, Va., appropriation Labor Statistics, Bureau of, appropriation for 213 for 183, 416 Medal of Honor, authority to a w a r d - . 567 Lake Seminole, Ga., designation of lake Korean Program, m u t u a l security assistcreated by J i m Woodruff D a m as 353 ance, repeal of provision 356 Lake Texoma, Tex., storage space for water supply for city of Sherman, L authorization 368 Land Management, Bureau of, appropriaLabor, Department of: tion for 258, 433 Apprenticeship, Bureau of, appropriation for 211 Lands. See Public Lands. Appropriation Act 210 Laos, defense assistance to 357 Appropriation for 181, 210 Latin America. See American Republics. Detention by enemy, compensation for Legislative Branch of the Government. death or disability after, time exSee also Congress; House of Repretension 242 sentatives; Senate. Employees' Compensation, Bureau of— Appropriation Act 244 Appropriation for 213 Appropriation for 13, 16, 188, 244, 438 Appropriations, statement of, appropriaDistrict of Columbia, transfer of tion for preparation 251 funds to 193 Architect of the Capitol. See separate Employment Security, Bureau of, a p title. propriation for 211, 213 Botanic Garden. See separate title. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, Capitol buildings and grounds. See amendments 514 separate title. Federal Employees' Compensation Act, Capitol Police. See separate title. amendments 242 General provisions. Appropriation Act16, General provisions, Appropriation Act__ 214, 190, 256 226 Government Printing Office. See sepG r a n t s to States, appropriation for__ 211, 212 arate title. Labor Standards, Bureau of, approLegislative Counsel, appropriation for priation for 210 Office of 250