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[71 Stat. 417]
[71 Stat. 417]



PUBLIC LAW 85-167-AUG. 26, 1957



For the prosecution of river and harbor, flood control, shore protection, and related projects authorized by law; detailed studies, and plans and specifications, of projects (including those for development with participation or under consideration for participation by States, local governments, or private groups) authorized or made eligible for selection by law (but such studies shall not constitute a commitment of the Government to construction); and not to exceed $1,600,000 for transfer to the Secretary of the Interior for conservation of fish and wildlife as authorized by law; to remain available until expended, $449,398,500: Provided, That funds appropriated herein may at Payment to Indithe discretion and under the direction of the Chief of Engineers ans. be used in payment to the accounts of the Confederated Tribes of the Yakima Reservation; the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation; the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation; or other recognized Indian tribes, and those individual Indians not enrolled in any recognized tribe, but who through domicile at or in the immediate vicinity of the reservoir and through custom and usage are found to have an equitable interest in the fishery, all of whose fishing rights and interests will be impaired by the Government incident to the construction, operation, or maintenance of The Dalles Dam, Columbia River, Washington and Oregon, and must be subordinated thereto by agreement or litigation: Provided further, That no part of this appropriation shall be used for projects which are authorized by a law limiting the amount to be appropriated therefor, except as may be within the limits of the amount now or hereafter authorized to be appropriated: Provided further.^ That not Plaquemine-Morgan to exceed $3,500,000 of the funds herein or hereafter provided for the Srldg C i t y route, Plaquemine-Morgan City alternate route, shall be available for the construction of a four-lane, high level, fixed bridge on Louisiana State Highway Numbered 1 (formerly route 168) over the extension of the Plaquemine-Morgan City route of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana: Provided further, That the Garrison ReserSecretary of the Army shall advance to the North Dakota State Water voir, N. Dak. Conservation Commission out of funds herein or hereafter appropriated for the Garrison project. North Dakota, 50 per centum of the cost, but not to exceed $40,000, for the construction of works to improve the productivity and fertility of Government-owned lands within the Garrison Reservoir, North Dakota, formerly part of the Lewis and Clark Irrigation District, subject, however, to a mutual agreement being reached by the Chief of Engineers, the North Dakota State Water Conservation Commission, and the lessees using the land for the full repayment of the funds advanced by the Federal Government within a period of ten years: Provided further, That the contribution Ferrell's Bridge by local interests toward construction of the Ferrell's Bridge Reser- Reservoir, Tex. voir, Texas, as required by Public Law 160, Eighty-fourth Congress, 69 Stat. 323. may be made in two equal installments of 50 per centum each, payable on January 1, 1958, and September 1, 1958, and that title to the proportionate share of the water supply storage authorized in said reservoir shall pass to such local interests upon completion of each of the separate payments: Provided fy/rther^ That none of the funds appro- Restriction. priated for "Construction, General", in this Act shall be used on the project "Missouri River, Kansas City to mouth", for any purpose other than bank stabilization work: Provided further, That not to