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[71 Stat. 468]
[71 Stat. 468]


PUBLIC LAW 85-186-AUG. 28, 1957



Public Law 85-186 August 28, 1957 [H. R. 7051]

Umatilla, Or eg. or P i c k s town, S. Dak. C o n v e yance to Indians.

40 USC 471 note.



Community services.

AN ACT To stimulate industrial development near Indian reservations.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, upon request of any Indian tribe, group, or corporate entity, and approval of the request by the Secretary of the Interior as provided in this Act, the Administrator of the General Services Administration is authorized to transfer, without cost to such Indian tribe, group, or corporate entity, title to any property of the United States at the McNary Dam townsite, Umatilla, Oregon, or at Pickstown, South Dakota, that is declared surplus pursuant to the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (Act of June 30, 1949; 63 Stat. 378), as amended. Such property shall not be exempt from taxation because of the fact that title is held by the Indian tribe, group, or corporate entity. SEC. 2. The Secretary of the Interior shall approve a request for surplus property pursuant to this Act only if— (a) the Indian tribe, group, or corporate entity is organized under State or Federal law in a form satisfactory to the Secretary for the purpose of holding title to the property; (b) the surplus property is to be used to stimulate industrial development near the Indian tribe, band, group, or reservations; (c) the Indian tribe, group, or corporate entity has executed a contract with an industrial enterprise that is acceptable to the Secretary; (d) the contract between the Indian tribe, group, or corporate entity and the industrial enterprise contains such provisions as the Secretary deems desirable, including in substance the following: (1) Title to the property will remain in the Indian tribe, group, or corporate entity, and the property will be made available to the industrial enterprise at a rental fee commensurate with the purposes of this Act, which rental shall be paid to the United States Treasury. (2) The industrial enterprise will employ Indians in large enough numbers to justify, in the judgment of the Secretary, the purposes of this Act. (3) The industrial enterprise will agree to pay its employees fair and equitable wages commensurate with the general wage scale in the area. (4) The industrial enterprise will maintain the property in good repair, pay all taxes properly assessed against the property, and be responsible for the payment of all charges for utility services to the property. (5) A t the end of the contract period the industry will have an option to purchase the property at its appraised price, as determined by the Secretary, the proceeds of such sale will revert to the United States Treasury. SEC. 3. Any transfer of title to surplus property pursuant to this Act shall provide for a reversion of title to the United States if the Secretary of the Interior finds that the propery is not being used in accordance with the provisions of the Act. SEC. 4. The United States shall not be responsible for providing to the Indians who are employed in an industrial development pursuant to this Act community services that are normally furnished by State