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[71 Stat. 53]
[71 Stat. 53]

SUBJECT Atomic Energy, " The N a t u r e of Radioac^^^^ tive Fallout and I t s Effects on M a n ", and brief analysis of, printing of additional copies B47 Atomic Energy, Joint Committee on: Appropriation for 245 Reports to 404, 405, 409, 410, 454 Review authority 275 Atomic Energy Act of 1954, Amendments: Appropriations, detailed authorization. 274 Atomic reactors in West Berlin, agreements for construction 11 Commercial leases, renegotiation 410 Commission— Chairman, salary 612 Divisions, offices and positions 612 Executive m a n a g e m e n t positions, additional, appointments and salary 612, 613 General manager, deputy and assista n t general managers, functions, appointments, and compensation. 612 Members, salary 612 Scientific and technical personnel, salary limitation 613 Contracts 577, 579 Foreign distribution of special nuclear materials 455 Hearings on license applications for a facility 579 Indemnification and limitation of liability 576 Insurance, use of services of private insurance organizations 577, 578 Licenses, conditions and application s. 576, 579 Nuclear damage, availability of funds for 576 Report to Congress 579 Review of certain Commission actions by Joint Committee 275 Utilities, sale to purchasers within commission-owned communities 410 Atomic Energy Agency Participation Act of 1957, International 453 Atomic Energy Commission: Appropriation Act, 1958 450 Appropriation authorized 307, 403-410 Appropriation for 273,351,450 Atomic reactors in West Berlin, agreements for construction 11 Cost-plus-a-fixed-fee contracts, restriction 452 Executives, salaries, etc 612 Fellowships, restrictions on conferring on certain persons 452 General provisions, Appropriation Act. 451 International Atomic Energy Agency Participation Act of 1957 454



Atomic Energy Commission—Continued -^"^^ Office building, increase in appropriation authorized 307 Operating expenses 451 Plant acquisition and construction authorized 403 ' Appropriation for 451 Relocation of office, expenses authorized 407 Reports to Congress— Commercial property, renegotiation, etc 410 International Atomic Energy Agency, activities and United States participation 454 Power demonstration reactor program 409 Projects, design, cost estimates, and construction schedules 404, 405 Utilities, sale to purchasers within commission-owned communities 410 Atomic Energy Community Act of 1955, Amendments, commercial property, appraisal value of Government's interest 410 Atoms for Peace, m u t u a l security program, appropriation for 362, 602 Attorney General. See Justice, Department of. Attorneys, United States: Licensing requirements 63 Salaries and expenses, appropriation for 60 B Back Cove, Portland, Maine, portion declared to be nonnavigable water Bailey Bridge, Corriganville, Md., ownership transferred to Allegany C o u n t y. Balboa, Canal Zone, bridge construction, appropriation for preliminary w o r k.. Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act: Agriculture, sale of certain land acquired under, authority Appropriation for effecting provisions. 333, Bankruptcy Act, Amendments: Air carriers, equipment t r u s t s Bankrupts, discharges Creditors, notices Banks and Banking: E x p o r t - I m p o r t Bank of Washington— Appropriation for Time extension Railroad securities, I n t e r s t a t e Commerce Commission approval of certain Barberry Eradication, restriction on funds for Barro Colorado Island, C. Z., appropriation for laboratory facilities, etc

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