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[72 Stat. 1552]
[72 Stat. 1552]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958


PUBLIC LAW 85-861-SEPT. 2, 1968



"§ 783. Promotion zone "Subject to the provisions of section 774 of this title— " (a) an officer of the Reserve shall be deemed to be in the promotion zone when his running mate is in the promotion zone and shall then become eligible for consideration by a selection board for promotion to the next higher grade at approximately the same time as his running mate is considered for promotion; and " (b) an officer whose name is on a promotion list, shall, unless his promotion is withheld pursuant to applicable laws or regulations, be tendered an appointment in the next higher grade at the same time, or as soon thereafter as practicable, as a similar appointment is tendered to his running mate.

  • '§ 784. Date of rank upon promotion; entitlement to pay

"•"When an officer of the Reserve is promoted to the next higher grade under the provisions of this subchapter either for temporary service or for service in permanent grade, he shall be assigned the same date of rank as that assigned to his running mate for either and/or both types of service and a Reserve officer so promoted shall be allowed pay and allowances of the higher grade for duty performed from the date of his appointment thereto. '*§ 785. Limitation on consideration for promotion "No officer of the Reserve shall receive consideration for promotion or be promoted under any provision of law unless he has attained the minimum number of points prescribed by the Secretary. Such number of points shall not exceed fifty points per anniversary year.

  • ^§ 786. Qualifications for promotion

" (a) No officer of the Coast Guard Reserve shall be promoted to a higher grade until he has been found to be mentally, morally, professionally, and physically qualified therefor. " (b) Subsection (a) of this section shall not exclude from the promotion to which he would otherwise be regularly entitled any Reserve officer in whose case a medical board may report that his physical disqualification for duty at sea or in the field was occasioned by wounds received in the line of duty, and that such wounds do not incapacitate him for other duties in the grade to which he shall be promoted.

    • § 787. Failure of selection and elimination

" (a) A Reserve officer not above the grade of lieutenant after failing of selection for promotion to the next nigher grade for a second time may be retained in or eliminated from an active status in the discretion of the Secretary. Other Reserve officers whose names are not on a promotion list after failing of selection for promotion to the next higher grade a second time shall be given an opportunity to apply foi transfer to the Retired Reserve if qualified, but unless so transferred shall be discharged on June 30 of the fiscal year in which they have completed the following periods of total commissioned service for the grades specified: Total commissioned Grade service Captain 30 years Commander 26 years Lieutenant Commander 20 years For the purposes of this subsection, the total commissioned service of an officer who shall have served continuously in the Coast Guard Reserve following appointment therein in the grade or rank of ensign shall be computed from June 30 of the fiscal year in which he accepted