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[72 Stat. 1724]
[72 Stat. 1724]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958


PUBLIC LAW 85-898-SEPT. 2, 1958



mainder of the Act and the application of the remaining provisions to any person shall not be affected thereby. APPLICATION OF EXISTING LAWS

SEC. 14:. The provisions of this Act shall be held to be in addition to, and not in substitution for or limitation of, the provisions of any other Act of the United States. EFFECTIVE DATE

SEC. 15. This Act shall take effect eighteen months after enactment, except for the promulgation of rules and regulations by the Commission, which shall be promulgated within nine months after the enactment of this Act. The Commission shall provide for the exception of any textile fiber product acquired prior to the effective date of this Act. Approved September 2, 1958.

Public Law 85-898 September 2, 1958 [H.R. 13475]

Rochester F i s h Cultural S t a t i o n, Ind. Landconveyance.

AN ACT To authorize an exchange of lands at the Rochester Fish-Cultural Station, Indiana. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to convey to the city of Rochester, Indiana, all of the right, title, and interest of the United States in the following-described lands that are a part of the Rochester Fish-Cultural Station: Beginning at the corner of sections 4, 9, 31 and 32 of township 30 north, range 3 east, second principal meridian; thence south 89 degrees 41 minutes east, 974.2 feet; thence north 26 degrees 34 minutes west, 684.4 feet; thence south 74 degrees 54 minutes east, 1,723.8 feet; thence south 0 degrees 02 minutes west, 170.2 feet; thence south 0 degrees 02 minutes west, 990.5 feet; thence north 76 degrees 24 minutes west, 2,399.4 feet; thence north 0 degrees 03 minutes east, 438.8 feet to point of beginning, containing 51.03 acres, more or less; in exchange for a conveyance by the city of Rochester, Indiana, to the United States of title to the following-described lands: Two (2) parcels of land located in Indiana, Fulton County, city of Rochester, adjacent to State Highway Numbered 14, in township 30 north, range 3 west, second principal meridian, part in section 9 and part in section 32 of Michigan road lands, and described by metes and bounds as follows: PARCEL 1

Beginning at a point north 62 degrees 43 minutes west, 577.1 feet from the center quarter corner of section 9, in the north right-of-way line of State Highway Numbered 14, 40 feet from and normal to the centerline thereof, thence with said north right-of-way line, north 67 degrees 53 minutes west, 18C8.0 feet to a right-of-way monument; thence continuing north 67 degrees 53 minutes west, 160.0 feet to a point: thence north 29 degrees 46 minutes west, 174.8 feet to a point in the boundary of the land of the Rochester Fish-Cultural Station; thence with said boundary south 68 degrees 27 minutes east, 1640.9 feet; south 55 degrees 16 minutes east, 568.4 feet to the place of beginning; containing 4.99 acres, be the same more or less.