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[72 Stat. 1949]
[72 Stat. 1949]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958




Page Naval Academy, United States: Page Navy, Department of the—Continued Construction—Continued Annuities for retired civilian members Appropriation for 1097 of teaching staff, increase 1563 Authorization 642, 665 Appropriation for 716, 717 Contracts 660, 661, 1098 Military law, amendments and addiCost limitations 664, 672 tions 1437-1571 Cost variations 660, 672 Naval Aviation College, appropriation for_ 717 Expedition, restriction on use of funds Naval Home, appropriation for 717 for 1098 Naval Observatory, appropriation for 720 Family housing at installations 646, Naval Petroleum Reserves, appropriation 660, 662-664, 1098, 1099 for conservation, development, e t c... 720 Disbursing officers, crediting of certain Naval Postgraduate School: accounts for overpayments 1745 Annuities for retired civilian members Education and training, provisions reof teaching staff, increase 1563 specting 1513 Appropriation for 717 Equipment, certain civilian use of, Naval Ship Construction, g u a r a n t y of authorized 399 judicial review of contracts 839 Experts or consultants, temporary emNaval War College, appropriation for 717 ployment; compensation 723 Navigation Congresses, Permanent InFamily housing at military installations. 646, ternational Association of, appropria660, 662-664, 1098, 1099 tion authorized 513 Federal Boating Act of 1958 1754 Navy, Department of the. See also Armed Forces; Defense, Department of. Federal Executive P a y Act of 1956, Aircraft, procurement and facilities, repeal of section 110 respecting p a y appropriation for 718 of certain executives 130 Appropriation Act 716 General provisions. Appropriation Act s. 723, Appropriation a u t h o r i z e d... 648, 660, 670, 672 1098 Appropriation for 7, 8, Golcuk Navy Yard, Ismet, Turkey, cer712-714, 716-720, 723, 729, 1097-1099 tain employees formerly assigned to Arizona, U.S.S., construction and maind u t y at, relief of 1745 tenance of memorial and museum Helium, transfer of funds for acquisition. 160 at Pearl Harbor, authorized 36 Hydrographic Office, appropriation for. 720 Armed Forces Leave Act of 1946, Industrial F u n d, transfer of funds from. 716 Land conveyance.s— amendment, quarters allowance 129 Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1952, Honolulu, T.H 380 technical amendment 1266 Macon, Ga 180 Army-Navy Hospital, H o t Springs St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 1760 National Park, Ark., operation and York, P a 401 maintenance, funds available for... 714 Legislative liaison activities, limitation Aviation cadets— on funds for 729 P a y and allowances, appropriation Medical care, appropriation for 719 for 716 Military Construction Act of 1958 636 Service after training, extension of Military Construction Appropriation minimum period 456 Act of 1959 1096 Bakeries, laundries, etc., restriction on Military law, amendments and addiuse of funds for 1098 tions 480, 488, 1437-1571 Career Compensation Act of 1949. Milk program, extension 996 See separate title. Naval Academy. See separate title. Career Incentive Act of 1955, restricNaval Observatory, appropriation for_. 720 tion 128 Naval Postgraduate School— Civil engineering, appropriation for 719 Annuities for retired civilian members Civilian-Military Liaison Committee, of teaching staff, increase 1563 membership 431 Appropriation for 717 Claims, appropriation for payment 712 Naval Reserve, certain officers' promoCoast Guard, operation expenses 718 tion 1561 Construction— Officers, detail to State maritime acadAdvance funds available for planning, emies 623 land acquisition, roads, e t c. 1098, 1099 Olympic Winter Games, 1960, participappropriation authorized 648, tion 78, 1442 660, 672