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[72 Stat. 1962]
[72 Stat. 1962]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958



Savannah River Basin, G a. - S. C, United Page States Study Commission on, establishment 1090 Schools and Colleges: Agriculture and mechanic arts colleges, appropriation for endowment 463 Alaska, control under statehood 342 American-sponsored schools abroad, use of foreign currencies for assistance. 1791 Arizona, exchange of lands for university and State colleges 979 Atomic energy research, indemnity coverage 837 Cotton, processing and manufacture into textiles, donation for training in 996 Defense Department personnel, schooling for minor dependents of, increase in limitation of funds available for_ 867 District of Columbia. See Public schools under District of Columbia. Federally affected areas, school facilities in— Appropriation authorized 548, 556 Appropriation for 55, 464 Financial assistance, permanent program 548 Gallaudet College, appropriation for construction 462, 877 Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz., school facilities, funds available for. 161 Howard University, appropriation for. 463, 877 International educational exchange activities, appropriation for 248 Library services, appropriation for 463 Lunch program, appropriation for 194 Milk program, funds available for 276, 500 National Defense Education Act of 1958. See separate title. Naval Aviation College, appropriation for 717 Naval Postgraduate School, appropriation for 717 Naval War College, appropriation for.. 717 Newington School District, N. H., relief. 811 Nonprofit educational organizations, tax exemptions for 1277, 1292 Oceanside-Libby Union School District, Calif., relief 416 Public health personnel, grants-in-aid for training 400 Reserve Officers Training Corps, appropriation for expenses 714, 715 School construction, appropriation for assistance 462-464 State maritime academies. Federal assistance to 622 Veterans, educational benefits 1174-1202 School Lunch Program, appropriation for. 194


School Milk Program, funds available for.

276, 500

Science Clubs, appropriation authorized for assistance in organization of clubs for boys and girls interested in science 1700 Science Foundation, National. See National Science Foundation. Science Information Council, establishment 1601 Second Liberty Bond Act, extension of provisions 27, 423, 1758 Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1958 50 Agriculture, Department of 50,54 Commerce, Department of 51 Claims for damages, audited claims and judgments 60 District of Columbia 59 Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of 55 Independent Offices 52, 55 Interior, Department of 54, 58 Judiciary 59 Justice, Department of 58 Labor, Department of 55 Legislative Branch 56 P a n a m a Canal Company 52 Public Works 58 State, Department of 58 Secret Service, United States: Annuity benefits, contribution for, reimbursement to District of Columbia. 883 Appropriation for 62, 883 Securities Act of 1933, Amendments: Exemptions 694 Judicial review of administrative determinations and orders, records of proceedings 945 Securities and Exchange Commission: Appropriation for 1072 Judicial review of administrative determinations and orders, records of proceedings 941 Securities Exchange Act of 1945, Amendment, judicial review of administrative determinations and orders, records of proceedings 945 Security Council, National: Appropriation for 222 Director of the Office of Defense and Civilian Mobilization (Civil and Defense Mobilization), m e m b e r s h i p.. 1800 Security Guard Services, See under General Services Administration. Selective Service Appeal Board, National, appropriation for 1073 Selective Service System, appropriation for 1073