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[72 Stat. 510]
[72 Stat. 510]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958


PUBLIC LAW 85-594-AUG. 6, 1968

[72 S T A T.

subject to subsequent adjustment: Provided furtfier^ That no part of this or any other appropriation contained in this Act shall be expended for building, installing, and maintaining streetcar loading platforms and lights of any description employed to distinguish same, except that a permanent type of platform may be constructed from appropriations contained in this Act for street improvements when plans and locations thereof are approved by the Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Highways and the street-railway company shall after construction maintain, mark, and light the same at its expense. CAPITAL OUTLAY, DEPARTMENT OF SANITARY ENGINEERING

For preparation of plans and specifications for incinerator numbered 4; construction of sewers and extension of the District of Columbia w ater-distribution system; assessment and permit work; construction of seawall at sewer y a r d; purchase or condemnation of lands and rights-of-way for construction, maintenance, and repair of sewers, water mains, and Sewage Treatment Plant; continuing construction on aeration plant and secondary sedimentation tanks, reconstruction, enlargement, rehabilitation, major repair and replacement of grit removal, sludge digestion, heating and other existing equipment and facilities; rehabilitation and replacement of screening and flow control facilities at the main sewerage pumping station; construction of screening stations in the Oxon Run trunk and Portland Street sewers; laying water mains and sewers in advance of paving and installing fire and public hydrants; constructing trunk water mains; to remain available until expended, $6,369,500, of which $1,000,000 shall not become available for expenditure until July 1, 1959, and $1,261,000 shall be payable from the water fund, and $1,668,000 shall be payable from the sanitary sewage works fund, and $150,000 shall be available for the director of buildings and grounds and shall be advanced to the appropriation account "Construction services. Department of Buildings and Grounds": Provided, That this appropriation and the appropriation "Operating expenses. Department of Sanitary Engineering" shall be available for the employment of engineering or other professional services by contract or otherwise, and tor engineering and incidental expenses. CAPITAL OUTLAY, WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT

60 Stat. 810.

For miscellaneous betterments, replacements, and engineering planning of water supply facilities, including continuing raw-water conduit rehabilitation, utility relocations, and plant system rearrangements and interconnections; acquisition by gift, exchange, purchase, or condemnation of supplementary land; and for developing increased water supply for the District of Columbia and environs in accordance with House Document 480, Seventy-ninth Congress, second session; and necessary expenses incident thereto; including services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a), but at rates for individual consultants not in excess of $100 per diem; to remain available until expended, $50,000 (payable from water fund). GENERAL PROVISIONS


SEC. 2. Except as otherwise provided herein, all vouchers covering expenditures of appropriations contained in this Act shall be audited before payment by the designated certifying official and the vouchers as approved shall be paid by checks issued by the designated disbursing official without countersignature.