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[72 Stat. 24]
[72 Stat. 24]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958


PUBLIC LAW 85-334-FEB. 22, 1958

[72 S T A T.

bond in an amount not less than $1,000 for the benefit of any person who may suffer loss resulting from fraud or dishonesty on the part of said resident or nonresident broker. Before the Superintendent shall issue a license to any policy-writing agent, soliciting agent, salaried company employee, or resident broker, who has not previously been licensed under this Act, he shall personally, or through his deputy or any person regularly employed in the department, within a reasonable time, and in a designated place within the District, subject each such person to a personal written examination relating to such person's knowledge of the kind or kinds of business to which the license may extend and his competency to act as such policy-writing agent, soliciting agent, broker, or salaried company employee. The Superintendent may in his discretion limit the scope of such examination to such particular kind or kinds of business in which the person to be licensed IS to be principally engaged. The Superintendent shall issue or renew such license as may be applied for when he is satisfied that the person to be licensed is (a) competent and trustworthy and intends to act in good faith in the capacity involved by the license applied for, and that not more than 25 per centum of his commission income from business to which the license applies will result from policies the premiums on which are paid or are to be paid in the manner set forth m paragraph (f) of section 36 and (b) that he has a good business reputation and has had experience, training, or education, or is otherwise qualified in the line or lines of business in which the license would entitle him to engage, and, except in the case of a nonresident broker or salaried company employee, is a resident of the District, or maintains his principal office for the conduct of such business in the District; and (c) is reasonably familiar with the insurance laws of the District, and with the provisions, terms, and conditions of the policies he is proposing to solicit, negotiate, or effect, and is worthy of a license. I n the case of a nonresident applying for a broker's license, the Superintendent may waive the examination requirement and accept in lieu thereof evidence that the applicant holds a license as broker or agent in the State where his principal business is conducted. The Superintendent may also waive the examination requirement in the case of any person who has been licensed in the District prior to the effective date of this Act. The examination requirement shall be waived in the case of any applicant for a license under this section who holds a license under section 26 of the Life Insurance Act (D. C. Code, sec. 35-425), if the company desiring the appointment of such applicant certifies in writing to the Superintendent that such applicant will solicit only accident and health insurance on its behalf. Licenses may be issued in the names of individuals, or in the names of firms, partnerships, or corporations, including banks, trust companies, real-estate offices, and building and loan associations: Provided, That on such licenses in addition to the name of the applicant, there shall be listed the name of every member or officer of such firm, partnership, or corporation who solicits insurance or who countersigns policies: Provided fwther, That such named persons as well as the licensee shall be subject to all requirements of this Act, and that the Superintendent shall have authority at any time to require the applicant fully to disclose the identity of all stockholders, partners, officers, and employees, and he may in his discretion refuse to issue or renew a license in the name of any firm, partnership, or corporation if he is not satisfied that any officer, employee, stockholder, or partner thereof who may materially influence the applicant's conduct, meets the standards of this section applicable to persons applying as individuals. No person shall be licensed as agent, broker, or salaried company employee when