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[72 Stat. A168]
[72 Stat. A168]
PRIVATE LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958


PRIVATE LAW 85-704-AUG. 27, 1958

[72 S T A T.


Date of retirement

Donor government

Truman, Harry S., Col. 31, 1953


Centennial Medal.

Token of good will.

Bolte, Charles L. „ O6908

Apr. 30, 1955


Order of Military Merit, grade of Grand Officer. Military Merit, 1st Class...

Reason for award unknown.

Clark, Mark W... O5309 Dahlquist, John E O7120

Oct. 31, 1953

Devers, Jacob L 02599

Sept. 30, 1949

Eichelberger, Robert L. 02624

Dec. 31, 1948

Qruenther, Alfred M... 012242

Dec. 31, 1956



General Mexico

Order of the Rising Sun, Grand Cordon. Military Merit, 1st Class...


Feb. 29, 1956 Mexico Argentina.

Order of General San Martin, degree of Gran Oficlal.


Military order of Italy, degree of Grand Officer.

Greece Portugal..

Haislip, Wade H. 03374

July 31, 1951

Brazil Chile

Handy, Thomas T. 04665

Mar. 31, 1954


Hodges, Courtney H. 02686

Jan. 31, 1949


Hull, John E. 07377

Apr. 30, 1955



Japan Peru

Rldgway, Matthew B. 05264

June 30, 1955

Argentina. Argentina. Cuba. Mexico. Monaco.. MoroccoPanama.. Portugal-.

Smith, Walter B. 010197

Jan. 31, 1953


Van Fleet, James A 03847 Wedemeyer, Albert C. O12484

Mar. 31, 1953


July 31, 1951





Grand Cross of the Royal Order of George I. Great Cross of the Military Order of Aviz. Order of Military Merit, degree of Commander.

For his outstanding work to the Armed Forces of United States and Mexico. Reason for award unknown. For his meritorious work in strengthening the relations between the.Armies of his country and Mexico. For his service in Europe during the late war and his cooperation with Latin American countries since the war. In recognition of his outstanding merits in the war operations in the Pacific Theater. Reason for award unknown. Reason for award unknown. Cooperated with Brazilian personages In the United States. For distinguished services rendered to the Chilean Army. Reason for award unknown.

Medal of Military Merit, 1st Class. Legion of Honor, grade of Grand Officer. Military Merit, First Class. For strengthening the bonds of friendship which exists between the United States and Mexico. He was first high-ranking Order of General San MarUnited States official to greet tin, degree of Gran Oficial. Argentine Minister of War on the latter's arrival in New York In April 1948. Order of Military Merit, Reason for award unknown. degree of Grand Officer. Order of the Rising Sun, 1st For services rendered to Japan. Class. Military Order of Ayacucho, For services rendered to Peru. grade of Commander. Sword of San Martin. -. As a memento of his visit to .Argentina in July 1949. Order of General San Mar- Reason for award unknown. tin, degree of Grand Officer. Order of Military Merit, 1st Reason for award unknown. Class. Great Cross of the National In recognition of his contribution to the cause of MexicanOrder of the Aztec Eagle. American friendship. Grand Cross of the Order of Reason for award unknown. St. Carlo. Grand Croix de I'ouissam Reason for award unknown. Alaoulte. Order of Vasco Nunez de Reason for award unknown. Balboa, degree of Grand Officer. Grand Cross of the Military Reason for award unknown. Order of Avis. Medal of Military Merit, For distinguished services rendered to Chile. 1st Class. Order of the White Ele- Reason for award unknown. phant. Order of Yomayoon grade For participation in the burial ceremonies of the late Reza One. Shah. As Director of Plans and OperOrder of General San Marations, GS, USA, he assisted tin, degree of Gran Oficial. and advised the Argentine Minister of War in matters relating to joint problems between Argentina and the United States. Order of Military Merit, Reason for award unknown. grade of Commander. Medal of Military Merit, For distinguished services rendered to Chile. 1st Class.