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[74 Stat. 98]
[74 Stat. 98]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Employment Service—Continued Page Grants to States for administration, appropriation for 756 Hawaii, technical amendment respecting 417 Energy Resources and Technology, printing of additional copies of hearings on BlO Engineers, Corps of: Appropriation for 743 Bardwell Reservoir on Waxahachie Creek, Trinity River Basin, Tex., construction authorized 12 Beach erosion studies— Appropriation for 743 Authorization 483-488 Civil functions, appropriation for 743 Flood control. See separate title. Ford City, Pa., settlement of claim for damage to its sewer system by construction of a dam on Allegheny River 252 General administration, appropriation for expenses 745 John H. Kerr Reservoir, Va.—N.C., adjustment of rentals under leases providing for commercial recreational facilities 818 Land acquisition for public works projects 502 Reservoir areas, forest cover protection in 817 Rivers and harbors. See separate title. White Branch, Grapevine Reservoir, Tex., road alterations 814 Entomology Research Laboratory, Orlando, Fla., sale by Agriculture Department 232 Escapees, Assistance to: Appropriation authorized 137 Appropriation for 776, 777 European Fowl Pest, appropriation for eradication 233 European Migration, Intergovernmental Committee for, appropriation for 776 Everglades National Park, Fla., additional lands 577 Executive Mansion and Grounds, appropriation for 474 Executive OflSce of the President, appropriation for 473 Explosives and Other Dangerous Articles: Illegal use or possession 87 Transportation, etc., revision of provisions regarding 808 Export Control Act of 1949: Amendment, extension of authority to designate exports 130 Funds for effecting provisions 95

Export-Import Bank of Washington: Administrative expenses, appropriation for; limitation Foreign currencies available

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"Facts on Communism—Volume 1, The Communist Ideology", printing of additional copies as House document. B4 Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938: Amendment, Hawaii Omnibus Act 417 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 759 Farm Credit Administration: Appropriation for 46, 243 Cooperatives, Central Bank for, increased number of directors; designation of districts represented 197 Farmer Cooperative Service, appropriation for..-_^ 234 Farmers' Home Administration Act of 1946, funds for effecting provisions 240 Federal Airport Act, funds for effecting provisions 428 Federal Aviation Act, 1958: Amendments—• Elimination of Civil Aeronautics Board hearings in certain cases- _ 901 Free or reduced-rate transportation for certain persons 445 Judicial review of administrative determinations and orders, records of proceedings 255 Appropriation for payments under 426 Federal Aviation Agency: Air navigation facilities, appropriation for 428 Appropriation for 46, 428 Dulles International Airport, appropriation for 429 General provisions, Appropriation Act- _ 429, 444 Grants-in-aid for airports, liquidation of authorization 428 Research and development, appropriation for 428 Washington National Airport, appropriation for 429 Federal Boating Act of 1958, Amendment, coverage of Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands under the Motorboat Act of 1940 10 Federal Bureau of Investigation: Appropriation for 562 Civil-service employees, prohibition on use of funds for compensation 563 Defense contractor personnel, investigation of, reimbursement by Defense Department 349