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[74 Stat. 109]
[74 Stat. 109]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Page Hospitals—Continued Page House of Representatives—Continued Clerk, Office of the—Continued Grants-in-aid to institutions for proStatements, publication as House grams in health-promoting sciences, documents 461 authority of Surgeon-General 1053 Committee employees, appropriation for. 450 Municipal and county employees, oldCompensation and mileage of Members. 449, age, survivors, and disability in450 surance coverage 934, 935 Contingent expenses, appropriation for. 50, National Institutes of Health, appropri451, 513 ation for 767,768 Coordinator of Information, Office of, House of Representatives. See also Conappropriation for 452 gress; Legislative Branch of the GovDoorkeeper, Office of the, appropriation ernment. for 450 Administrative provisions, AppropriaElliott, Douglas H., payment to widow tion Act 453 of ---613 Appropriation for 50, 449, 513, 829 Foreign Affairs, Committee on— Appropriations Committee— Latin America economic aid, report Appropriation for 451 by State Department 870 Reports to— Reports of expenditures of certain Atomic Energy Commission, transparticipants in interparliamenfer of funds 752 tary groups 460, 461 Defense, Department of— Hall, David M., payment to widow of_50 Disbursements for contingencies. 344 Hearings, appropriation for reporting. _ 451 Missile or satellite programs, House Administration, Committee on, transfers of appropriations report of use of foreign currencies for acceleration of 355 Properties, supplies, etc., reby House committees 138, 460 ceived from foreign counInterparliamentary groups, reports of tries 353 expenditures of participating Members and employees 460 Receipts and disbursements from disposal of supplies, materiel, Joint committees, congressional. See etc 351 separate title. Justice Department, Office of Alien Laws, appropriation for revision 452 Property, expenses in connecLegislative Counsel, Office of the, aption with activities 564 propriation for 451 Statement of appropriations, approMack, Russell V., payment to widow of. 50 priation for 454 Majority and minority leaders, approArmed Services Committee, reports to— priation for 453 Air Force, Department of the— Members— Public works, construction costs... 181 Clerk hire, appropriation for 451 Reserve officers, appointments 275 Retirement benefits 358, 410 Army, Department of the— Office buildings— Public works, construction costs.. 169 Maintenance, repair, etc., appropriReserve oflBcers, appointments 265 ation for 51, 456 Civil and Defense Mobilization, Office Protection, appropriation for 453 of, real property transactions.. 187 Officers and employees— Marine Corps, reserve officers, appropriation for 450 pointments 274 Salary increase for certain 304 Military departments, real property Pages, appropriation for education 454 transactions 186 Parliamentarian, Office of, appropriation for 450 Navy, Department of the— Penalty mail costs, appropriation for 454 Public works, construction costs.. 174 Physician's Office, appropriation for... 452 Reserve officers, appointments 274 Postmaster, Office of the, appropriation Boyle, Charles A., payment to widow of. 50 for 451 Bush, Alvin R., payment to widow of.. 50 Reporters, official, appropriation for 451 Carter, Stephen V., payment to widow Science and Astronautics, Committee of 50 on, report on cost of research and Chaplain, Office of, appropriation for.. 450 development activities by NaClerk, Office of the— tional Aeronautics and Space Appropriation for 450, 829 ministration 151, 152