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[74 Stat. 127]
[74 Stat. 127]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


SUBJECT INDEX Navy, Department of the—Continued Page Petroleum reserves, conservation, development, etc., funds for 341 Prisoners of war, funds available for maintenance, etc 350 Report s to Congress. See under Congress. Research, development, test, and evaluation, appropriation for 348 Reserve components— Appropriation for 339 Commissioned officers, promotion, retention, transfer, discharge, e t c.. 264 Doctors, nurses, dentists, etc., service. 264 Facilities program— Appropriation for 464 Authorization 188 Ready and Retired Reserves, assignment. 264 Reserve Forces Facilities Act of 1960. 188 Reserve Officers' Training Corps, loyalty oath requirement 353 Reserve Forces Facilities Act of 1960. 188 Retired pay, appropriation for 340 Rifle matches, travel expenses for personnel attending 354 Stock fund, transfer of funds from 338 Vessels—• Construction— Acquisitions of land in connection with, reports to Congress discontinued 247 Appropriation for 346 Transfer, authorization 352 Weather Bureau, transfer of funds to.. 342 Nebraska: Crawford, land conveyance to city 410 I n t e r s t a t e compact with Kansas relating to the Big Blue River, congressional approval 160 Old-age, survivors, and disability insurance, exclusion of justices of peace and constables 935 Neurology and Blindness Activities, appropriation for 768 Nevada: Colorado River Commission, land conveyance by Interior Department.. 74 Fort M c D e r m i t t Paiute and Shoshone Tribe of Indians, lands held in t r u s t for 12 Mineral, County of, land additions 880 New Jersey Tercentenary Celebration Commission, establishment; report to Congress 730, 732 New Mexico: Land exchange for national forest timber or lands 205 Los Alamos County, Atomic Energy Commission employees, eligibility for home mortgage insurance 915

New Mexico—Continued Page Navajo Indian Tribe, McKinley County, land conveyance 40 Sandoval County, land conveyances to the pueblos of Zia and Jemez 256 New York: Albertson Water District, Nassau County, claims settlement 131 Highland Falls, land conveyance 253 Nez Perce Tribe of Indians, Idaho, lands held in trust for 4, 737 Niagara Remedial Works, appropriation for 744 Nicaragua, appropriation for construction of R a m a Road 560 "Nomination and Election of the President and Vice President of the United States, Including the Manner of Selecting Delegates to Political National Conventions", printing of additional copies as House document B4 Norman Federal Reclamation Project, Okla., construction, maintenance, e t c. 225 North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Science program, United States contributions, appropriation for 777 United States Citizens Commission on— Appointment of members; report to Congress 818, 819 Appropriation for 830 North Atlantic Treaty Parliamentarians' Conference, appropriation for clerical assistant to House Delegation 450 North Carolina, John H. Kerr Reservoir, adjustment of rentals under leases providing for commercial recreational facilities 818 North Dakota: Bismarck, land conveyance 902 Morton County, removal of restrictions on land conveyance 739 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of Indians, payment of debts out of compensation for t r u s t lands 254 Notary Acts and Oaths, authority to administer to persons outside the United States serving with or accompanying the Armed Forces 329 Nuclear-Powered Submarines, incentive pay for d u t y aboard 469 Nurses' Licensing Act, District of Columbia Practical 802 O Obscene Mail, Etc., temporary detention by Postmaster General Occupied Areas, Defense, Department oi", funds available for administration Ocean Freight Charges: Appropriation authorized Appropriation for

553 350 137 777