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[74 Stat. 343]
[74 Stat. 343]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. 1

PUBLIC LAW 86-601-JULY 7, 1960

and other instructional, entertainment, and welfare expenses for enlisted men and patients not otherwise provided for; awards and decorations; expenses of courts, boards, and commissions; expenses for inter-American cooperation as authorized for the Navy by section 7208 of title 10, United States Code, for Latin-American cooperation; industrial mobilization, including maintenance of reserve plants and equipment and procurement planning; special services by contract or otherwise; rations (including commutation thereof) for applicants for enlistment; and not to exceed $6,000,000 for emergencies and extraordinary expenses, to be expended on the approval or authority of the Secretary of the Air Force, and payments may be made on his certificate of necessity for confidential military purposes, and his determination shall be final and conclusive upon the accounting officers of the Government; $4,243,398,000, of which not to exceed $16,000,000 shall be available for the operation and maintenance of the Air Force Academy: Provided, That not to exceed $91,379,000 of the funds appropriated in this Act for the Air Force shall be available for departmental administration.


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For expenses of training, organizing, and administering the Army National Guard, including maintenance, operation, and repairs to structures and facilities; hire of passenger motor vehicles; personal services in the National Guard Bureau and services of personnel of the National Guard employed as civilians without regard to their military rank, and the number of caretakers authorized to be employed under provisions of law (32 U.S.C. 709) may be such as is deemed necessary '°A Stat. 6i4. by the Secretary of the Army; travel expenses (other than mileage), as authorized by law for Army personnel on active duty, for Army National Guard division, regimental, and battalion commanders while inspecting units in compliance with National Guard regulations when specifically authorized by the Chief, National Guard Bureau; supplying and equipping the Army National Guard of the several States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, as authorized by law; and expenses of repair, modification, maintenance, and issue of supplies and equipment (including aircraft); $162,001,000: Provided, That obligations may be incurred under this appropriation for the foregoing expenses for training of units designated for early deployment under mobilization plans and for installation, maintenance, and operation of facilities for antiaircraft defense without regard to section 107 of title 32, United States Code: Provided further, That obligations not ex- 70AStat. 599. ceeding $10,000 for each project may be incurred for extension, modification, and alteration of armory facilities, as authorized by chapter 133, title 10, United States Code, as amended, when such changes to ^^^ use 2231 et facilities are made necessary by military requirements of the Federal seq. Government. OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE, A I R NATIONAL GUARD

For operation and maintenance of the Air National Guard, including medical and hospital treatment and related expenses; establishment, maintenance, operation, repair, and other necessary expenses of facilities for the training and administration of the Air National Guard, including repair of facilities, maintenance, operation and modification of aircraft; transportation of things; hire of passenger motor vehicles; supplies, materials, and equipment, as authorized by law for the Air National Guard of the several States, Territories, and the District of Columbia; and expenses incident to the maintenance and use of supplies, materials, and equipment, including such as may