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[74 Stat. 345]
[74 Stat. 345]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



PUBLIC LAW 86-601-JULY 7, 1960



For payment of claims by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Army (except as provided in appropriations for civil functions administered by the Department of the Army), Navy, Marine Corj)S, and Air Force, as authorized by law; claims (not to exceed $1,000 in any one case) for damages to or loss of private property incident to the operation of Army and Air National Guard camps of instruction, either during the stay of units of said organizations at such camps or while en route thereto or therefrom; claims for damages arising under training contracts with carriers; and repayment of amounts determined by the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the Navy, or the Secretary of the Air Force, or officers designated by them, to have been erroneously collected from military and civilian personnel of the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force or from States, Territories, or the District of Columbia, or members of National Guard units thereof; $16,575,000. SALARIES AND EXPENSES, COURT OF MILITARY APPEALS DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE

For salaries and expenses necessary for the Court of Military Appeals, $425,000. TITLE III PROCUREMENT PROCUREMENT OF EQUIPMENT AND MISSILES, ARMY

For expenses necessary for the procurement, manufacture, and modification of missiles, armament, ammunition, equipment, vehicles, vessels, and aircraft for the Army and the Reserve Officers' Training Corps; purchase of not to exceed one thousand two hundred and eig'hty-seven passenger motor vehicles for replacement only (including twenty at not to exceed $2,900 each); expenses which in the discretion of the Secretary of the Army are necessary in providing facilities for production of equipment and supplies for national defense purposes, including construction, and the furnishing of Governmentowned facilities and equipment at privately owned plants; and ammunition for military salutes at institutions to which issue of weapons for salutes is authorized; $1,495,352,000, to remain available until expended. PROCUREMENT OF AIRCRAFT AND MISSILES, NAVY

For construction, procurement, production, modification, and modernization of aircraft, missiles, equipment, including ordnance, spare parts, and accessories therefor; specialized equipment; expansion of public and private plants, including the land necessary therefor, without regard to section 3734, Revised Statutes, as amended, and such lands, and interests therein, may be acquired, and construction prosecuted thereon prior to approval of title by the Attorney General as required by section 355, Revised Statutes, as amended; and procurement and installation of equipment, appliances, and machine tools in public or private plants; $2,141,760,000, to remain available until expended: Provided, That during the current fiscal year there may be merged with this appropriation such amounts of the unobligated balances of appropriations previously granted for "Aircraft and related procurement" and "Procurement of ordnance and ammunition", as the Secretary of Defense may determine to be necessary for the accomplishment of the programs tor which this appropriation is made.

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