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[74 Stat. 386]
[74 Stat. 386]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


62 Stat. 386. 49 USC 903.

46 USC 842. 46 USC 848.

PUBLIC LAW 86-616-JULY 12, 1960



carriers by water operating between Hawaiian ports, and between those ports and other ports in the United States." SEIO. 8. Section 303(e) of the Interstate Commerce Act is amended by adding a new subsection 3 to read as follows: "(3) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, any common carrier by motor vehicle which was engaged also in operations between the United States and Alaska as a common carrier by water subject to regulation by the Federal Maritime Board under the Shipping Act of 1916, as amended, and the Intercoastal Shipping Act of 1933, as amended, prior to January 3, 1959, and has so operated since that time, shall as to such operations, remain subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Maritime Board." Approved July 12, 1960.

Public Law 86-616 July 12, 1960 [S. 1795]

AN ACT Relating to the promotion and separation of certain officers of the regular components of the armed forces.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the omcer^°/S"o- Ignited States of America in Congress assembled, That chapter 335 of Hon and separa- title 10, United States Codc, is amended-^ 70A Stat. 181. (1) by adding the following new sentence at the end of section Army. 3297(d): "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a board that is to recommend officers for promotion whom it considers to be the best qualified may recommend only those officers whom it also considers to be fully qualified."; (2) by amending the last sentence of section 3300(c) to read as follows: "However, the number prescribed by the Secretary for recommendation must be at least 80 percent of those listed for consideration for the first time."; and (3) by amending section 3303(d)(3) by striking out the words "the date he would have been retired under section 3913 of this title if he were eligible" and inserting the words "such date as may be requested by him and approved under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Army, but not later than the first day of the seventh calendar month after the Secretary approves the report of that board" in place thereof. SEC. 2. (a) Chapter 359 of title 10, United States Code, is amended to read as follows: "CHAPTER 359.—SEPARATION FROM REGULAR ARMY FOR SUBSTANDARD PERFORMANCE OF DUTY "Sec.

"3781. "3782. "3783. "3784.

Selection boards: composition; duties. Boards of inquiry: coniposition; duties. Boards of review: composition; duties. Removal of officer: action by Secretary of the Army upon recommendation. "3785. Rights and procedures. "3786. Officer considered for removal: voluntary retirement or honorable discharge; severance benefits. "3787. Officers eligible to serve on boards, "§ 3781. Selection boards: composition; duties "The Secretary of the Army may at any time convene a board of officers to review the record of any commissioned officer on the active list of the Regular Army to determine whether he shall be required, because his performance of duty has fallen below standards prescribed by the Secretary, to show cause for his retention on the active list.