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[74 Stat. 487]
[74 Stat. 487]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



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division or body whose intended use of land will, in his opinion, best promote the purposes for which the project involved was authorized. (b) Any conveyance authorized by this section shall be made at the fair market value of the land, as determined by the Secretary of the Army, upon condition that the property shall be used for one of the purposes stated in the subsection (a) of this section only, and subject to such other conditions, reservations or restrictions as the Secretary may determine to be necessary for the development, maintenance, or operation of the project or otherwise in the public interest. (c) Prior to the conveyance of any land under the provisions of this section, the Secretary of the Army shall, in the manner he,, deems reasonable, ^ v e public notice of the proposed conveyance and' afford an opportunity to interested eligible bodies in the general vicinity of the land to apply for its purchase. (d) The Secretary of the Army may delegate any authority conferred upon him by this section to any officer or employee of the Department of the Army. Any such officer or employee shall exercise the authority so delegated under rules and regulations approved by the Secretary. (e) The proceeds from any conveyance made under the provisions of this section shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. SEC. 109. The Secretary of the Army is hereby authorized and directed to cause surveys to be made at the following named localities and subject to all applicable provisions of section 10 of the River and Harbor Act of 1950: Prospect harbor, Maine. Calf Island, between Roque Island Bluffs and Seawall Point, Maine. Green Harbor, Marshfield, Massachusetts. Nauset Harbor, Massachusetts. Eel Pond, Menauhant, Massachusetts. Pleasant Bay, Massachusetts. Rye Harbor (Playland Marina), New York. Sturgeon Creek, Middlesex County, Virginia. Beresford Creek, South Carolina. Channel across Santa Rosa Peninsula and Santa Rosa Island, Florida, to connect East Bay with Santa Rosa Sound and Little Sabine Bay with the Gulf of Mexico. Channel from vicinity of Avalon, Florida, to the waters of Escambia Bay. Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. Washburn Harbor, Wisconsin. Little Bay De Noc, Michigan. Ship Canal between Tacoma and Seattle, Washington. Point Roberts, Washington. Deep-water harbor in the Maalaea Bay Area, Island of Maui, Hawaii. Deep-water harbor at Kahaluu, Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Coastal waters. State of Hawaii, investigation of sites for possible use as anchorage areas for handling of explosives; areas of investigation to be designated by such State's Governor's Advisory Committee on Explosives. SEC. 110. (a) That the project for a navigation channel in Saint Jones River, Delaware, authorized by the River and Harbor Act of June 25, 1910, insofar as said project relates to said stream upstream from Lebanon, Delaware, be and the same is hereby abandoned.


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