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[74 Stat. 624]
[74 Stat. 624]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 6 8 2 - S E P T. 2, 1960

[74 S T A T.

(F) Qualifies through examination periodically on knowledge of distributing schemes, postal regulations, space rules, and tram schedules. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.—Reports to a foreman


charge of the railway post office car or highway post office. (d) CLAIMS CLERK, PAYING OFFICE. (KP-17) (1) BASIC FUNCTIONS.—Examines claims for loss or damage of in-

sured or c. o. d. mail and determines and approves for payment the amount found to be due under postal regulations. (2) DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES.—

(A) Receives and reviews prescribed claim papers to ascertain whether: (i) All necessary items of the appropriate claim form have been properly completed. (ii) Proof of value has been properly determined. (iii) Appropriate check has been made of applicable records. (iv) Other necessary information has been supplied. (B) Determines whether amount of claim exceeds amount of loss and the proper amount payable is within the limits of the indemnity. (C) Conducts necessary correspondence in connection with the claim. (D) Approves amount to be paid, and directs disposition of damaged articles. (E) Maintains prescribed record of claims. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.—Reports to an assistant postmaster or other designated supervisor. (e) POSTMASTER, SMALL THIRD CLASS OFFICE. (KP-18) (1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Is responsible for all operations of a small

third class post office, including actual performance of mail processing and window service, disbursement of funds and preparation of required reports. This office has no employees other than the postmaster and a replacement to serve during his leave; has annual receipts of approximately $1,700; has no rural delivery service within its jurisdiction. (2) D U T I E S AND R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S. —

(A) Conducts the activities of the office in such manner as to provide prompt and efficient postal service to the patrons of the office. (B) Maintains direct contact with the public and gives personal attention to complaints. (C) Sorts incoming mail for boxholders and general delivery; faces, cancels, sorts by destination, ties and sacks outgoing mail. (D) A t a window delivers general delivery mail, issues and cashes money orders, delivers c. o. d. and customs mail, accepts and delivers parcel post, registered and insured mail, sells stamps and stamped paper, and collects box rents. (E) Prepares and submits estimates of operating allowances as required. (F) Makes deposits of accountable funds; requisitions stamps and stamped paper; requisitions supplies; pays authorized bills. (G) Maintains required office records; prepares and submits necessary reports in accordance with instructions. (H) Maintains files for the office. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL


sible to a district manager.