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[75 Stat. 1176]
[75 Stat. 1176]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Army, Department of the—Continued •^^^^ Atomic Energy Act 1954—Continued ^^^^ Reserve components— Cooperation between United States and Appropriation for 366 France, effective date of agreement Army Reserve and Retired Personnel pursuant to 782 Service Law of 1940, appropriaFunds for effecting provisions 730 tion for effecting provisions 590 Atomic Energy Agency, International, disFacilities program, appropriation for. 668 tribution of u r a n i u m 233 and pluReady Reserve, active d u t y 242 to n i u m to 476 Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Atomic Energy Commission: loyalty oath requirement 379 Administrative orders, interlocutory inReserve Forces Facilities Act of 1961 __ 112 junctions, reasonable notice 497 Retirement^— Appropriation for 145, 412 Family protection plan 810 California, retrocession of jurisdiction Forfeiture of annuities of persons over certain land 475 convicted of offenses against the Cooperative power reactor demonstrasecurity of the United States 640 tion program, authorization 679 Minority service, crediting of 401 Electric energy, disposition of 679 P a y, appropriation for 367 E U R A TO M Cooperation Act of 1958, Rivers and harbors. See separate title. amendments 479 R y u k y u Islands, administration of, apLos Alamos County, N. Mex., construcpropriation for 33, 719 tion of community s u p p o r t facililiniform Code of Military Justice, ties 94 prosecution of b a d check offenses National Aeronautics and Space Coununder 814 cil, membership 46 Universal Military Training and Service P l a n t facility acquisition or construcActtion, authorization 676 Amendments— Project rescissions 678 Remployment rights 821 Reserve components, deferments Restricted data, availability under and exemption 807 Arms Control and D i s a r m a m e n t Appropriation for effecting proviAct 637 sions 356, 590 Saline water conversion program, coVessels, transfer between agencies, auoperation 629 thorization 378 Atomic Energy Community Act of 1955, Army Reserve and Retired Personnel Amendment, waiting period for disService Law of 1940, appropriation posal of property not sold at a u c t i o n. 409 for effecting provisions 590 Atoms for Peace Program, funds availArthritis and Metabolic Disease Activities, able 428 appropriation for 602 Attorney General. See under Justice, Artists Week, National American Guild Department of. of Variety, designation 93 Attorneys, United States, appropriation Arts, Advisory Committee on, continuafor 551 tion; appointment of members 533 B Atomic Energy, Joint Committee on: Appropriation for 38, 322 Bandelier National Monument, N. Mex., Development, growth, and state of enlargement, proclamation 1014 atomic energy industry, time extension for hearings respecting 479 Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act: Amendments— Atomic Energy Act of 1954: Agricultural credit, applicability to Amendments— P u e r to Rico and Virgin Islands. 318 Claims, settlement 478 Operating loans, adjustment 17 Indemnification agreements 479 Funds for effecting provisions 235, 236 International Atomic Energy Agency, distribution of u r a n i u m 233 and Banks and Banking: E x p o r t - I m p o r t Bank of Washington— plutonium 476 Appropriation for 34, 145, 412, 720 Inventions relating to atomic weapForeign currencies, loans m a d e by_ 446, 463 ons; filing of reports 477 Insurance and guarantees, authorizaLicensee incident reports 479 tion 673 Security provisions 476