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[75 Stat. 1180]
[75 Stat. 1180]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Clays and Shale, taxes, depletion allow- ^^^^ ance 674 Clothespins, Spring, modification of import duties 1101 Coal Mine Safety Board of Review, Federal, appropriation for 259 Coal Research, Office of: Appropriation for 253 Director, removal of position from p u r view of Federal Executive P a y Act of 1956 792 Coast and Geodetic Survey: Appropriation for 32, 271 Civil Service Retirement Act, extension to 507 Director, personal money allowance 507 Ensigns, appointments and promotions by the President 506 Motor vehicles, transportation on perm a n e n t change of station 506 Officers on active duty, temporary increase in n u m b e r s; promotion by the President 506 Property losses incident to service, extension of certain provisions respecting 507 Surveying ships, appropriation for construction 271 Coast and Geodetic Survey Commissioned Officers Act of 1948, Amendments.. 506 Coast Guard. See also Armed Forces; Defense, Department of. Acadia, owned by Robert J. Davis, docu m e n t a t i o n as a vessel of the United States 492 Appointments and promotions, temporary, extension 538 Appropriation for 394 Fishing vessels, exemption from inspection 410 Loran stations, additional appropriation for construction 658 Oceanographic research, expansion of functions 827 Oil Pollution Act, 1961, enforcement of provisions under 403 Reserve components— Ready Reserve, active d u t y 242 Reserve training, appropriation for - . 395 Retirement— Annuities— Appropriation for payments 395 Election of 810 Family protection plan 810 Uniform Code of Military Justice, prosecution of b a d check offenses under, 814 Universal Military Training and Service Act— Amendment, reemployment rights 821

Coast Guard—Continued ^^^e Universal Military Training and Service Act—Continued Appropriation for effecting provisions 356, 590 Cochiti Pueblo, N. Mex., t r u s t s t a t u s of certain lands 504 Cocopah Indians, Ariz., lands held in t r u s t for 387 Code, United States: [NOTE: For amendments and repeals of sections in positive law titles, see Table 5 in "Laws Affected in Volume 75", preceding this Index.]

Appropriation for new edition 327 Code of Federal Regulations, appropriation for printing and binding 334 Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park: Enlargement, proclamation 982 L and exchange 383 Columbia Basin Project, Wash., w a t e r delivery during 1962 408 Coilumbus D a y: 1960, proclamation 980 1961, proclamation 1106 Colville Reservation, Confederated Tribe of Washington, funds 45, 639 Commerce, Department of: Appropriation Act, 1962 270 Appropriation for 20, 32, 144, 270, 733 Area Redevelopment Act, supergrade positions apportioned among agencies under 62 Area Redevelopment Administration— Administrator, appointment 48 Appropriation for 734 Area Redevelopment Advisory Policy Board, chairman 48 Aviation, war risk insurance— Extension 210 Revolving fund, appropriation for 270 Business and Defense Services Administration, appropriation for 32, 272 Business Economics, Office of, a p p r o priation for 32, 272 Census, Bureau of the. See separate title. C e n t u r y 21 Exposition, appropriation for participation in 733 Coast and Geodetic Survey. See separate title. E x p o r t control, appropriation for 272 Federal M a r i t i m e Board, a b o l i s h m e n t - . 843 Federal M a r i t i m e Commission. See separate title. Field Services, Office of, appropriation for 272 Foreign Commerce, Bureau of, appropriation for 20, 32, 272 General administration, appropriation for 32