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[75 Stat. 1188]
[75 Stat. 1188]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961




Development Loan Fund: ^^^^ District of Columbia—Continued ^^^^ Appropriation for 23 General provisions. Appropriation Act_ _ 563 Establishment; repeal of former proviGift enterprises, repeal of certain prosions regarding 426, 445, 460 visions respecting 565 Diesel Fuels and Special Fuels, continuaHealing Arts Practice Act, D.C., amendtion of excise tax 123 ments, medical schools, standard s Disaster Relief, appropriation for 343 and registration 518 Distilled Spirits, excise tax rate, extension, 193 Health and welfare, appropriation for_ _ 561 District Courts. See under Courts, United Highways and Traffic, Department of, appropriation for 33, 562 States. Hospitals. See separate title. District of Columbia: Licenses and Inspections, Department Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, amendof, appropriation for 33 ments 510 Life Insurance Act, amendments—• Appropriation Act, 1962 560 Credit union, group life insurance 519 Appropriation for 21, 22, 33, 145, 412, 560 Multiple line insurance service 514 Area Redevelopment Act, applicability Lincoln Group, cooperation with joint to 63 committee on anniversary arrangeBuildings, height of, regulations 583 m e n t s of A b r a h a m Lincoln's first Buildings and Grounds, Department of, inauguration 4 appropriation for 33 Marital Property Rights Amendments Capital outlay, appropriation for 562 of 1961 515 Civil War Centennial Commission, coMetropolitan Police—• operation with joint committee on Appropriation for 21, 33 anniversary arrangements of Abrah a m Lincoln's first inauguration 4 Officers and members, increase 121 Motor Vehicle P a r k i n g Agency, approClaims and suits, appropriation for setpriation for 33 tlement 22, 562 Motor Vehicles, Department of, approClergy, privileged communication 681 priation for 33 Corporation Counsel, Office of, approMunicipal government employees, emerpriation for 33 gency evacuation, pay procedure __ 662 Corrections, Department of 33 National Capital Parks, appropriation Courts— for 33 Appropriation for 33 National Guard, appropriation for 33 District Court, crossclaims and counNational Society of the Sons of the terclaims, jurisdiction 513 American Revolution, removal of Fees, exemption from payments 769 certain property restrictions 489 Municipal Court— National Zoological P a r k — Crossclaims and counterclaims, juAppropriation for 33 risdiction 513 Improvement 779 Small Claims and Conciliation Operating expenses, appropriation for_ 33, 560 Branch, jurisdictional amount, P a r k s and recreation, appropriation for_ 561 increase 470 Personal services, wage-board emPhysical Therapists Practice Act, reployees, appropriation for 562 view of orders issued under 582 Police, Metropolitan— Dogs, regulation authority 498 Appropriation for 21, 33 Education— Ofl&cers and members, increase 121 Appropriation for 561 Congressional and Supreme Court Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washing^^ pages, appropriation for 38, 328 ton Railroad Company, authorizaElections, regulations, etc 817 tion for construction of t w o branch Employees, increase of disability comsidings in 686 pensation for certain 751 Physical Therapists Practice Act 578 Executive olfice, appropriation for 33 Public Health, Department of, approFire Department ^ priation for 22 Appropriation for 33 Public Library, appropriation for 33 Workweek; leave 830 Public safety, appropriation for 561 Gambling equipment, seizure authority; P u b h c schools, appropriation for 33 disposition 540 Public Welfare, Department of, approGeneral Administration, Department of, priation for 22, 33 appropriation for 33