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[75 Stat. 1189]
[75 Stat. 1189]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



District of Columbia—Continued ^^^^ | Education—Continued ^^^^ Recreation Department, appropriation American Samoa, United States nationals in, eligibility for scholarships. 390 for 33 Blind. See separate title. Sanitary Engineering, Department of, Deaf. See separate title. appropriation for 22, 33, 562 Defense educational activities, approTwenty-ttiird constitutional amendment priation for 735 granting representation in the electoral college 847 Federally affected areas, increased funds Veterans Affairs, Department of, a p for school construction 596, 759 propriation for 33 International educational exchange activities, appropriation for 39,549 Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of, appropriation for 33 Juvenile Delinquency and Youth OfWashington Aqueduct, appropriation fenses Control Act of 1961, training for employment in programs under. 573 for 33 Mentally retarded, appropriation for Washington Home for Foundlings, childplacing and cancer t r e a t m e n t acexpansion of teaching 596 tivities, authority 497 M u t u a l Educational and Cultural ExWoodrow Wilson Memorial, location change Act of 1961 527 site 783 National Defense Education Act of Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge over 1958— P o to m a c River, a p p o r t i o n m e n t of Amendments, loans to s t u d e n t s; grants to State educational expense of operation 778 agencies; extension of program. _ 623, District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, Amendment, prohibition 759, 832 of sale of alcoholic beverage on day Appropriation for grants and loans of presidential election 820 under 596 District of Columbia Alley Dwelling Act, Office of. See Education, Office of. appropriation for effecting provisions. 355 Practical Nurse Training Extension Act District of Columbia Appropriation Act, of 1961 44 1945, Amendment, exemption of DisAppropriation for extension of protrict of Columbia from court fees 769 gram 595 District of Columbia Police and Firemen's Research and training, appropriation Salary Act of 1953, Amendment, comfor grants, etc 597 pensation; leave 831 Vocational education— Dixie National Forest, and Cedar Breaks Extension of program 44, 760 National Monument, Utah, land exAppropriation for 595 changes 198 Indians, adults, increased appropria"Documentary Proof That the Communist tion authorized 571 Party, U.S.A., Teaches and AdvoRedevelopment areas, training in 59 cates the Overthrow and Destruction Vocational Education Act of 1946, of the United States Government by amendments 44, 760 Force and Violence", printing of appropriation for effecting provisions. 595 ditional copies of publication 963 Education, Office of: Dogs, regulation authority in District of Advisory Committee on the Training Columbia 498 of Teachers of the Deaf, establishDrugs, determination as opiates, proclam e n t; report to Congress 576 mation 986 Appropriation for 23, 36, 595, 735 Dulles International Airport, appropriaBlind. See separate title. tion for 347 Deaf. See separate title. Duluth-Superior Harbor, Minn., and Wis., Defense educational activities, appromodification of project 816 priation for 596, 735 E Library services, appropriation for Economic Advisers, Council of: grants to States, etc 23, 595, 597 Appropriation for 34, 269 National Defense Education Act of Salary ceiling 93 1958— Economic Research Service, appropriamendments, loans to s t u d e n t s; tion for 230 grants to State educational Education. See also Schools and Colleges. agencies; extension of program.. 623, American Education Week, 1961, proc759, 832 lamation 1073