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[75 Stat. 1204]
[75 Stat. 1204]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961




Insurance—Continued '^^^'^ Interior, Department of the—Continued "Pt^s^ National Service Life Insurance Act of L and conveyances—Continued 1940, special dividends authorizaChilocco, Okla 585 tion 495 Cumberland G a p National Historical Inter-American Children's Institute, auPark, K y 224 thorization for United "States particiEfRgy Mounds National Monument, pation, extension 784 Iowa 88 Inter-American Cooperation, appropriaFairbanks, Alaska 682 tion for . 86 Fort Davis National Historic Site, Tex 488 Inter-American Development Bank, appropriation for payment of United Fort Hall Indian irrigation project, States subscription 721 Idaho 390 Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Inter-American Social and Economic Cooperation Program, appropriation Pa 336 for 86 Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, N.C 384 Intergovernmental Relations, Advisory Fort Smith National Historic Site, Commission on, appropriation for 279 Ark 489 Interior, Department of the: Fort Vancouver National Historic Alaska. See separate title. Site, Wash 196 Appropriation Act, 1962 246 Granite Creek area, Alaska 749 Appropriation for 26, Joshua Tree National Monument, 36, 144, 240, 246, 412, 724, 743 Calif 197 Area Redevelopment Advisory Policy Lassen Volcanic National P a r k, Calif319 Board, membership 48 Minidoka project, I d a h o 388 Bonneville Power Administration, a p Nellis Air Force Base, N e v 672 propriation for 36, 145, 412, 728 Pala B and of Indians, Calif 79 Claims, appropriation for 727 Prince Georges and Charles Counties, Coal Research, Office of— Md., near M t. Vernon E s t a t e Appropriation for 253 and Fort Washington, preservaDirector, removal of position from tion 780 purview of Federal Executive Rocky M o u n t a i n National Park, P a y Act of 1956 792 Colo 383 Commercial Fisheries, Bureau of-— Shoshone project, Wyo 388 Appropriation for 27, 37, 254 Tupelo National Battlefield, M i s s... 336 Supergrade positions, repeal of proW u p a t k i National Monument, Ariz-_ 337 vision respecting 788 Yakima project. Wash 388 Emergency reconstruction, etc., a p p r o L and M a n a g e m e n t, Bureau of, a p p r o priation for 256 priation for 26, 246, 743 Fire prevention or suppression, appropriation for 252, 256, 729 Minerals Exploration, Office of, appropriation for 253 Fish and Wildlife Service. See separate title. Mines, Bureau of— Fishing vessels, construction, appropriAppropriation for 37, 252 ation for 254 Health hazards and injuries, s t u d y; General provisions. Appropriation report to Congress 649 Acts 256, 729 Helium properties, development and Geological Survey, appropriation for_ _ 37, operation 253 251, 744 Mines and mining. See separate title. Grain for migratory waterfowl, funds National P a r k Service, appropriation available 239, 240 for 26,37,249,743 Indians. See separate title. Oil and Gas, Office of, appropriation L and conveyances-— for 36,253 Blue Ridge P a r k w a y and the Natchez Oregon and California G r a n t Lands, Trace P a r k w a y 192, 196 appropriation for 246 Campbell Creek Area, Alaska 671 P h o s p h a t e interest of the United States, Cape Cod National Seashore, Mass__ 287 conveyance to owners— Cape H a t t e r a s National Seashore Highlands County, Fla 911 Recreational Area, N. C 675 Polk County, Fla 911 Cedar Breaks National Monument Sarasota County, Fla 911 and Dixie National Forest, U t a h. 198