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[75 Stat. 1205]
[75 Stat. 1205]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



^^^^ Interior, Department of the—Continued ^^^^ Interior, Department of the—Continued Territories, Office of, appropriation Pribilof Islands, appropriation for administration 37, 254 for 27,37,250,744 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands— Public lands. See separate title. Reclamation, Bureau of— Appropriation for ^ 27, 1250, 744 Merchant Marine Academy, desigAdministrative provisions. Appropriation of citizens to be cadets 514 ation Act 727 Utility facilities operated by Bureau of Appropriation for 37, 145, 412, 724 Indian Affairs, authorization to Commissioner of, compensation 792 sell 577 Construction and rehabilitation, apVirgin Islands Corporation, appropriapropriation for 725 tion for 263 Emergency fund, appropriation for 726 Virgin Islands Corporation Act, amendGeneral investigations 37 ment, increase in borrowing auLoan program, appropriation for 726 thority 812 San Bernardino County, Calif.-Mohave Warehouses, garages, etc., appropriaCounty, Ariz., bridge transfer. - . 391 tion for operation 256 Special funds, appropriation for 726 Water Supply Act of 1958, amendment, Water quality control, surveys for payment of construction costs, storage 204 agreements 210 Reclamation projects— Wildlife Service. See Fish and Wildlife Avondale, Dalton Gardens, and Hayden Lake Irrigation Districts, Service. ""' Idaho, construction authorized.588 Woodrow Wilson Memorial Commission, membership 783 Appropriation for 725 Interior and Related Agencies AppropriaColumbia Basin, water delivery during tion Act, 1962 246 1962 408 "Interlocking Subversion in Government Huntley Project Irrigation District, Departments", printing of additional repayment contract, approval... 407 Missouri River Basin project, approcopies of report963 priation for 727 Internal Revenue Codes. For sections affected see Tables 3 and 4 of amendlipper Colorado River Basin Fund, ments and repeals in "Laws Affected appropriation for 726 in Volume 75", preceding this Index. Wapato Indian irrigation project, Internal Revenue Service, appropriation Wapato-Satus unit. Wash., allocation of costs 680 for 39,394 Redevelopment areas, studies 49 Internal Revenue Taxation, Joint Committee on: Reports to Congress. See under Congress. Appropriation for 38, 326 Saline Water, Office of, appropriation Chief of Staff, compensation 792, 793 for 256, 743 Renegotiation Act of 1951, study; time Saline water conversion program 628 extension for report 6, 95 Internal Security Subcommittee Hearings, Scientific and professional positions and printing of copies on 968 positions of a security nature, increase 789 International Agreements: Atomic energy, cooperation between Secretary, Office of the, appropriation United States and France, effective for 37, 256, 744 date of agreement 782 Solicitor, Office of the, appropriation Convention of Paris for the Protection for 36,256 of Industrial Property, legislation Southeastern Power Administration— effecting a provision dealing with Appropriation for 145, 412, 728 patents and trademarks 748 Supergrade positions, repeal of proviInternational Atomic Energy Agency, sion respecting 788 uranium 233 and plutonium, distribuSouthwestern Power Administration, tion to 476 appropriation for 37, 145, 412, 729 International Boundary and Water ComSport Fisheries and Wildlife, Bureau mission, United States and Mexico, of— appropriation for 39, 547 Appropriation for 26, 37, 255 International Boundary Commission, Supergrade positions, repeal of provilinited States and Canada, appropriation respecting 788 tion for 549