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[75 Stat. 1222]
[75 Stat. 1222]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Page Reorganization Plans—Continued ^^^* Q N o. 6 of 1961, Federal H o m e Loan Bank Quarantine Activities, Foreign, appropriaBoard 838 tion for _ 36, 601 No. 7 of 1961, Federal Maritime ComR mission 840 "Report on United States Foreign OperaRacketeering, Interstate Transportation of tions", printing of additional copies Wagering Paraphernalia, Etc., penalof report 960 ties 492, 498 Research and Development: Railroad Retirement Act of 1937, AmendAeronautical and space research, approments: priation for 355 Male employees, annuities 585 Agricultural program, appropriation for_ 31, Spouse's annuity, time requirement 585 226, 231 Technical amendments under Social Air navigation facilities, appropriation Security Amendments of 1961 142 for 346 Windows, removal of disqualification-_ 585 Area Redevelopment Act, continuing Railroad Retirement Board, appropriaprogram of study and research 63 tion for 25, 35, 609, 742 Arms control and disarmament 633 Railroad Unemployment Insurance BeneArmy, Department of the, appropriafits Act of 1961, Temporary Extended. 16 tion for 33 Railroads, loan guaranties, extension 41 Atomic energy projects 677 Railway Labor Act, appropriation for efCancer research facilities, appropriation fecting provisions 609 for 603 Rama Road, Nicaragua, appropriation for Civil defense and defense mobilization, construction; transfer to Department funds for 343 of Commerce 550 Defense, Department of, scientific reReclamation. See Reclamation, Bureau search, etc., appropriation for 373, 379 of, and Reclamation projects under Education— Interior, Department of the. Surveys, training and demonstrations, Reconstruction Finance Corporation Liqappropriation for 597 uidation Fund, administrative exTelevision, radio, utilization of 760 penses; funds available 35,361,396 Maritime activities, appropriation for_273 Recreation Facilities in Reservoir Areas, National Aeronautics and Space Adleases, modification authority 509 ministration, space program 216 Recreation Resources Review CommisAppropriation for 25, 355 sion, Outdoor, appropriation for 261 National Bureau of Standards, approRed Cross Month, 1961, proclamation 1034 priation for 32, 276, 734 Referees, United States Courts, approNational Institutes of Health, appropriation for 27, 556 priation for 601 Refractory Products, income taxes, perOceanographic research by Coast centage depletion 683 Guard, expansion 827 Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Saline water conversion program 628 Refugees in the Near East 433 Social security, cooperative research or Renegotiation Act of 1951: demonstration projects in, approAppropriation for refunds under 25 priation for 606 Report on study by Joint Committee on Vocational rehabilitation, training, etc., I n t e r n a l Revenue Taxation, t i m e appropriation for 597 extension 6, 95 Water pollution control 205 Renegotiation Board, appropriation for__ 36, 356 Weather Bureau, appropriation for — 32, 277 Reorganization Act of 1949, Amendment, reinstatement 41 Reserve Forces Act of 1955, appropriation for effecting provisions 590 Reorganization Plans: 112 No. 7 of 1953, repeal 460 Reserve Forces Facilities Act of 1961 Retired Federal Employees Health BeneNo. 1 of 1958, amendments ^ fits Act, appropriation for payments Emergency Planning, Office of, desto F u n d 25, 345 ignation 630 Retirement. See Government Employees; Supergrade positions, repeal of proArmed Forces, or pertinent service. vision respecting 788 N o. 3 of 1961, Civil Aeronautics Board 837 Revenue Act of 1951, Amendment, refunds on articles from foreign trade No. 4 of 1961, Federal Trade Commiszones 194 sion 837