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[75 Stat. 1223]
[75 Stat. 1223]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

SUBJECT INDEX Rifle Practice, National Board for the ^'^^^ Promotion of, appropriation for 370, 380 Rinderpest Control, appropriation for 228 Rivers and Harbors: Appropriation for 21, 33, 735 Construction, studies, etc., appropriation for 21,33, 145,722,735 Duluth-Superior H a r b o r, Minn., and Wis., modification of project 816 Freeport H a r b o r project, Tex., local requirements revoked 823 Kings Lake Drainage District, Mo., lump-sum payment for damages 413 Roanoke, Va., urban renewal project, credit for cost of certain school construction 171, 172 Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge and Game Preserve, La., use of revenues from.. 779 Rocky Mountain Laboratory, Hamilton, Mont., appropriation for construction, etc 602 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo.: Enlargement, proclamation 982 L and exchange 383 Rural Electrification Administration, appropriation for 32, 235 Rural Rehabilitation Corporation Trust Liquidation Act, funds for effecting provisions 235 Russell Cave National Monument, Ala., establishment, proclamation 1058 Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, Alaska, records available in Library of Congress 241 Ryukyu Islands: Administration, appropriation for 33, 145, 412, 719 Transportation of certain i m m i g r a n t s to Latin America, funds available 464 S Saint Elizabeths Hospital, appropriation for 23, 604, St. Francis National Forest, Ark., establishment Saint Lawrence River Joint Board of Engineers, United States Section, appropriation for Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, appropriation for Saline Water: Conversion program, authorization Office of, appropriation for . _ 256, San Felipe Pueblo, N. Mex., t r u s t ^ t u s of certain lands 5r San Ildefonso Pueblo, N. Mex., t r u s t s t a t u s of certain lands Santa Ana Pueblo, N. Mex., t r u s t s t a t u s of certain lands

605 990

724 280 628 743 503 505 500


Santo Domingo Pueblo, N. Mex., t r u s t ^^^ s t a t u s of certain lands 503 School Lunch Act, National, funds for effecting provisions 231 School Milk Program, extension, increased funds 147, 319 Schools and Colleges. See also Education. Agricultural commodities, surplus, use for certain college students 411 Agriculture and mechanic arts, appropriation for endowment of 595 American schools abroad, development grants 428 College housing, loan authorization, e t c. 172 Funds available for 25, 361 Construction in federally affected areas, extension; increased funds authorized 759 Defense Department Overseas Teachers P a y and Personnel Practices Act, amendment, reimbursement obligation of quarters allowances, etc., relief 409 Gallaudet College, appropriation for 607 Grants-in-aid for training of teachers of the deaf 575 Housing. See separate title. Howard University, appropriation for_ _ 607, 737 Land-grant college aid, appropriation for payment to Hawaii 595 Land-grant universities and colleges centennial— Establishment of the national system, recognition 400 Proclamation 1093 Lunch program, appropriation for 231 Milk program, extension 147, 319 National Defense Education Act of 1958, amendments, loans to students; grants to State educational agencies; extension of program; terms 623, 759, 832 Appropriation for 596 School districts, appropriation for payments 595 Urban renewal programs involving colleges or universities 169 Vocational Education Act of 194G, amendments, extension of program 44, 760 Appropriation for effecting provisions 595 Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebr., b o u n d a r y revision 148 Second Liberty Bond Act, public debt limit, temporary increase 148 Secret Service, United States, appropriation for 31,39, 195,394