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[75 Stat. 161]
[75 Stat. 161]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



PUBLIC LAW 87-70-JXJNE 30, 1961

common areas and facilities which serve the structure where the mortgage is determined by the Commissioner to be eligible for insurance under this section. The term 'common areas and facilities' as used in this section shall be deemed to include the land and such commercial, community, and other facilities as are approved by the Commissioner. " (c) The Commissioner is authorized, in his discretion and under such terms and conditions as he may prescribe (including the minimum number of family units in the structure which shall be offered for sale and provisions for the protection of the consumer and the public interest), to insure any mortgage covering a one-family unit in a multifamily structure and an undivided interest in the common areas and facilities which serve the structure, if (1) the mortgage meets the requirements of this section and of section 203(b), except as that section is modified by this section, (2) the structure is or has been covered by a mortgage insured under another section (except section 213) of this Act, notwithstanding any requirements in any such section that the structure be constructed or rehabilitated for the purpose of providing rental housing, and (3) the mortgagor is acquiring, or has acquired, a family unit covered by a mortgage insured under this section for his own use and occupancy and will not own more than four one-family units covered by mortgages insured under this section. Any project proposed to be constructed or rehabilitated after the date of enactment of the Housing Act of 1961 with the assistance of mortgage insurance under this Act, where the sale of family units is to be assisted with mortgage insurance under this section, shall be subject to such requirements as the Commissioner may prescribe,. To be eligible for insurance pursuant to this section a mortgage shall (A) involve a principal obligation in an amount not to exceed the limits per room and per family dwelling unit provided by section 207(c)(3), and not to exceed the sum of (i) 97 per centum of $13,500 of the amount which the Commissioner estimates will be the appraised value of the family unit including common areas and facilities as of the date the mortgage is accepted for insurance, (ii) 90 per centum of such value in excess of $13,500 but not in excess of $18,000, and (iii) 70 per centum of such value in excess of $18,000, and (B) have a maturity satisfactory to the Commissioner but not to exceed, in any event, thirty years from the date of the beginning of amortization of the mortgage or three-fourths of the Commissioner's estimate of the remaining economic life of the structure, whichever is the lesser. In determining the amount of a mortgage in the case of a nonoccupant mortgagor the reference to paragraph (2) of section 203(b) m section 203(b)(8) shall be construed to refer to the preceding sentence in this section. The mortgage shall contain such provisions as the Commissioner determines to be necessary for the maintenance of common areas and facilities and the multifamily structure. The mortgagor shall have exclusive right to the use of the,1 one-family unit covered by the mortgage and, together with the owners of other units in the multif amily structure, shall have the right to the use of the common areas and facilities serving the structure and the obligation of maintaining all such common areas and facilities. The Commissioner may require that the rights and obligations of the mortgagor and the owners of other dwelling units in the structure shall be subject to such controls as he determines to be necessary and feasible to promote and protect individual owners, the multifamily structure, and its occupants. For the purposes of this section, the Commissioner is authorized in his discretion and under such terms and conditions as he may prescribe to permit one-family units and interests in common areas and facilities in multifamily structures covered



^^ ^^^ ^^^• 12 u ^ ' i n s e.

12 USC 1713.

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