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[75 Stat. 308]
[75 Stat. 308]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


Land and water development.

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PUBLIC LAW 87-12»-AUG. 8, 1961

1^76 S T A T.

loans for farm purchase, the Secretary shall give preference to persons who are married or have dependent families and, wherever practicable, to persons who are able to make initial downpayments, or who are owners of livestock and farm implements necessary successfully to carry on farming operations. SEC. 304. Loans may also be made or insured under this subtitle to any farmowners or tenants without regard to the requirements of section 302(1), (2), and (3) for the purposes only of land and water development, use and conservation. SEC. 305. The Secretary shall make or insure no loan under sections 302, 303, and 304 which would cause (a) the unpaid indebtedness against the farm or other security at the time the loan is made to exceed $60,000 or the normal value of the farm or other securitj^, or (b) the loan to exceed the amount certified by the county committee. I n determining the normal value of the farm, the Secretary shall consider appraisals made by competent appraisers under rules established by the Secretary. Such appraisals shall take into consideration both the normal agricultural value and the normal market value of the farm. SEC. 306. (a) The Secretary also is authorized to make or insure loans to associations, including corporations not operated for profit and public and quasi-public agencies, to provide for the application or establishment of soil conservation practices, the conservation, development, use, and control of water and the installation or improvement of drainage facilities, all primarily for serving farmers, ranchers, farm tenants, farm laborers, and rural residents, and to furnish financial assistance or other aid in planning projects for such purposes. No such loans shall be made or insured which would cause an association's unpaid principal indebtedness under this section and the Act ^^ August 28, 1937, as amended, to exceed $500,000 in the case of direct loans and $1,000,000 in the case of insured loans at any one time. (b) The service provided or made available through any such association shall not be curtailed or limited by inclusion of the area served by such association within the boundaries of any municipal corporation or other public body, or by the granting of any private franchise for similar service within such area during the term of such loan; nor shall the happening of any such event ibe the basis of requiring such association to secure any franchise, license, or permit as a condition to continuing to serve the area served by the association at the time of the occurrence of such event. SEC. 307. (a) The period for repayment of loans under this subtitle shall not exceed forty years. The Secretary shall from time to time establish the interest rate or rates at which loans for various purposes will be made or insured under this subtitle but not in excess of 5 per centum per annum. The borrower shall pay such fees and other charges as the Secretary may require. ^j^^ rpj^^ Secretary shall take as security for the obligations entered into in connection with loans, mortgages on farms with respect to which such loans are made or such other security as the Secretary may require, and for Obligations in connection with loans to associations under section 306, shall take liens on the facility or such other security as he may determine to be necessary. Such security instruments shall constitute liens running to the United States notwithstanding the fact that the notes may be held by lenders other than the United States. SEC. 308. Loans under this subtitle may be insured by the Secretary, aggregating not more than $150,000,000 in any one year, whenever