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[75 Stat. 350]
[75 Stat. 350]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


74 Stat. 431.

PUBLIC LAW 87-141-AUG. 17, 1961

[75 S T A T.

Federal Office Building Numbered Eight, District of Columbia, is increased from "$15,105,000" to "$18,905,000", including $5,700,000 for laboratory and other equipment; Courthouse and Federal office building, Chicago, Illinois, is increased from "$5,500,000" to "$36,793,000'\ including construction of the first of two buildings authorized at this location: Provided further, That the foregoing limits of costs may be exceeded to the extent that savings are effected in other projects, but by not to exceed 10 per centum: Provided further, That funds in the amount of $5,601,500 appropriated under this head in the Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1961, for a construction and alteration project at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since abandoned as to its previously approved scope, are hereby made available for the purposes of this appropriation. SITES A N D EXPENSES, PUBLIC BUILDINGS


For an additional amount for expenses necessary in connection with the construction of public buildings projects not otherwise provided for, as specified under this head m the Independent Offices Approstl^ sc s 74^^s'tlt^ priation Acts of 1959, 1960 and 1961, including preliminary planning ^T* 43^.* '

  • of public buildings projects by contract or otherwise, $25,000,000, to


68 Stat. 518.

For payments of principal, interest, taxes, and any other obligations under contracts entered into pursuant to the Public Buildings Purchase Contract Act of 1954 (40 U.S.C. 356), $5,200,000. CONSTRUCTION, FEDERAL OFFICE BUILDING NUMBERED 7, WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

For an additional amount for expenses, not otherwise provided for, necessary to construct Federal Office Building Numbered 7 in Washington, District of Columbia, for use of agencies of the executive branch, in accordance with plans and specifications provided for in the Independent Offices Appropriation Acts, 1959 and 1961 (72 Stat. 1067 and 74 Stat. 432), $23,700,000, to remain available until expended. OPERATING EXPENSES, FEDERAL SUPPLY SERVICE

40 USC*485*'

For necessary expenses of personal property management and related activities as authorized by law and not otherwise provided for, $3,593,500: Provided, That not to exceed $3,935,000 of any funds received during the current or preceding fiscal year for deposit under section 204(a) of the Federal Property and Administrative Services ^^*' ^^ 1949, as amended, and not otherwise disposed of by law, shall be deposited to the credit of this appropriation and shall be available for necessary expenses in carrying out the functions of the General Services Administration under the said Act, with respect to the utilization and disposal of excess and surplus personal property. EXPENSES, SUPPLY DISTRIBUTION

For expenses, not otherwise provided, necessary for supply distribution, procurement, inspection, operation of the stores depot system, and contractual services incident to receiving, handling, and shipping warehouse items, $28,374,500.