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[75 Stat. 357]
[75 Stat. 357]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



PUBLIC LAW 87-141-AUG. 17, 1961



For necessary operating expenses of the Veterans Administration, not otherwise provided for, including expenses incidental to securing employment for war veterans; uniforms or allowances therefor, as authorized by law; and reimbursement of the General Services Administration for security^ ^ a r d service; $161,773,000: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be used to pay in excess of twentytwo persons engaged in public relations work: Provided further, That no part of this appropriation shall be used to pay educational institutions for reports and certifications of attendance at such institutions an allowance at a rate in excess of $1 per month for each eligible veteran enrolled in and attending such institution. MEDICAL ADMINISTRATION AND MISCELLANEOUS OPERATING EXPENSES

For expenses necessary for administration of the medical, hospital, domiciliary, construction and supply, research, employee education and training activities, and expenses necessary for carrying out programs of medical research, as authorized by law, $43,876,500, of which $29, 500,000 shall be available for medical research: Provided, That $1,000,000 of the foregoing appropriations shall remain available until expended for prosthetic testing and development. MEDICAL CARE

For expenses necessary for the maintenance and operation of hos)itals and domiciliary facilities; for furnishing, as authorized by aw, inpatient and outpatient care and treatment to beneficiaries of the Veterans Administration including care and treatment in facilities not under the jurisdiction of the Veterans Administration, and furnishing recreational articles and facilities; maintenance and operation of farms; repairing, altering, improving or providing facilties in the several hospitals and homes under the jurisdiction of the Veterans Administration, not otherwise provided for, either by contract, or by the hire of temporary employees and purchase of materials; purchase of seventy-two passenger motor vehicles for replacement only; uniforms or allowances therefor as authorized by law (5 U.S.C. 2131); and aid 68 Stat. n u. to State homes as authorized by section 641 of title 38, United States Code; $987,171,000, plus reimbursements: Provided, That allotments 72 Stat.ii46;74 and transfers may be made from this appropriation to the Depart- ®*^*' *^^" ment of Health, Education, and Welfare (Public Health Service), the Army, Navy, and Air Force Departments, for disbursements by them under the various headings of their applicable appropriations, of such amounts as are necessary for the care and treatment of beneficiaries of the Veterans Administration.



For the payment of compensation, pensions, gratuities, and allowances (including burial awards authorized by section 902 of title 38, 72 Stat. ii69. United States Code, and subsistence allowances for vocational rehabilitation), authorized under any Act of Congress, or regulation of the President based thereon, including emergency officers* retirement pay and annuities, the administration of which is now or may hereafter be placed in the Veterans Administration, and for the payment of adjusted-service credits as provided in sections 401 and 601 of the Act of May 19, 1924, as amended, $3,500,000,000, to remain avail- „/3 stat 125: 72 11 ,'1 I T 7T-7 7 7 7 Stat. 1264. able until expended. 38 USC note prec. pt. 1.