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[75 Stat. 458]
[75 Stat. 458]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

458 E x p e n s e s of a confidential character.

Rents, foreign.

Transport at I o n of d e c e a s e d individuals.

Uniforms. Per diem.

60 Stat. 999.

Water. Coast and G e odetlc Survey officers.

Travel o f p e rsonnel.

Avallabli i t y o f funds.

PUBLIC LAW 8 7 - 1 9 6 - S E P T. 4, 1961



(8) expenditures (not to exceed $50,000 in any fiscal year except as may otherwise be provided in an appropriation or other Act) of a confidential character other than entertainment: Provided, That a certificate of the amount of each such expenditure, the nature of which it is considered inadvisable to specify, shall be made by the head of the agency primarily responsible for administering part I or such person as he may designate, and every such certificate shall be deemed a sufficient voucher for the amount therein specified; (9) insurance of official motor vehicles or aircraft acquired for use in foreign countries; (10) rent or lease outside the United States for not to exceed ten years of offices, buildings, grounds, and quarters, including living quarters to house personnel, and payments therefor in advance; maintenance, furnishings, necessary repairs, improvements, and alterations to properties owned or rented by the United States Government or made available for use to the United States Government outside the United States; and costs of fuel, water, and utilities for such properties; (11) expenses of preparing and transporting to their former homes, or, with respect to foreign participants engaged in any program under part I, to their former homes or places of burial, and of care and disposition of, the remains of persons or members of the families of persons who may die while such persons are away from their homes participating in activities carried out with funds covered by this subsection; (12) purchase of uniforms; (13) payment of per diem in lieu of subsistence to foreign participants engaged in any program under part I while such participants are away from their homes in countries other than the United States, at rates not in excess of those prescribed by the standardized Government travel regulations, notwithstanding any other provision of law; (14) use in accordance with authorities of the Foreign Service Act of 1946, as amended (22 U.S.C. 801 et seq.), not otherwise provided for; (15) ice and drinking water for use outside the United States; (16) services of commissioned officers of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, and for the purposes of providing such services the Coast and Geodetic Survey may appoint not to exceed twenty commissioned officers in addition to those otherwise authorized; (17) expenses in connection with travel of personnel outside the United States, including travel expenses of dependents (including expenses during necessary stopovers while engaged in such travel), and transportation of personal effects, household goods, and automobiles of such personnel when any part of such travel or transportation begins in one fiscal year pursuant to travel orders issued m that fiscal year, notwithstanding the fact that such travel or transportation may not be completed during the same fiscal year, and cost of transporting automobiles to and from a place of storage, and the cost of storing automobiles of such personnel when it is in the public interest or more economical to authorize storage. (b) Funds made available for the purposes of this Act may be used for compensation, allowances, and travel of personnel including Foreign Service personnel whose services are utilized primarily for the purposes of this Act, for printing and binding without regard to the provisions of any other law, and for expenditures outside the