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[75 Stat. 708]
[75 Stat. 708]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


PUBLIC LAW 87-328-SEPT. 27, 1961

[75 S T A T.

tion, appointment, removal, term, tenure, compensation, pension and retirement rights of its officers and employees; 6) Let and execute contracts to carry out the powers of the commission. 14.2 Regulations; Enforcement. The commission may: (a) Make and enforce reasonable rules and regulations for the effectuation, application and enforcement of this compact; and it may adopt and enforce practices and schedules for or in connection with the use, maintenance and administration of projects and facilities it may own or operate and any product or service rendered thereby; provided that any rule or regulation, other than one which deals solely with the internal management of the commission, shall be adopted onlj after public hearing and shall not be effective unless and until filed in accordance with the law of the respective signatory parties applicable to administrative rules and regulations generally; and (b) Designate any officer, agent or employee of the commission to be an investigator or watchman and such person shall be vested with the powers of a peace officer of the state in which he is duly assigned to perform his duties. 14.3 Tax Exemption. The commission, its property, functions, and activities shall oe exempt from taxation by or under the authority of any of the signatory parties or any political subdivision thereof; provided that in neu of property taxes the commission shall, as to specific projects, make payments to local taxing districts in annual amounts which shall equal the taxes lawfully assessed upon property for the tax year next j^ior to its acquisition by the commission for a period of ten years. The nature and amount of such payments shall be reviewed by the commission at the end of ten years, and from time to time thereafter, upon reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard to the affected taxing district, and the payments may be thereupon terminated or continued in such reasonable amount as may be necessary or desirable to take into account hardships incurred and benefits received by the taxing jurisdiction which are attributable to the project. 14.4 Meeting; Public Hearing; Records, Minutes. fa) All meetings of the commission shall bo open to the public. (b) The commission shall conduct at least one public hearing prior to the adoption of the comprehensive plan, water resources program, annual capital and current expense budgets, the letting of any contract for the sale or other disposition by the commission of hydroelectric energy or water resources to any person, corporation or entity, and in all other cases wherein this compact requires a public hearing. Such hearing shall be held upon at least ten days public notice given by posting at the offices of the commission. The commission shall also provide forthwith for distribution of such notice to the press and by the mailing of a copy thereof to any person who shall request such notices. (c) The minutes of the commission shall be a public record open to inspection at its offices during regular business hours. 14.5 Officers Generally. (a) The officers of the commission shall consist of an executive director and such additional officers, deputies and assistants as the commission may determine. The executive director shall be appointed and may be removed by the affirmative vote of a majority of the full membership of the commission. All other officers and employees shall be appointed by the executive director under such rules of procedure as the commission may determine.