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[76 Stat. 233]
[76 Stat. 233]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1962

76 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 87-554-JULY 27, 1962 AIR


Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama: Utilities, $245,000. ALASKAN



Eielson Air Force Base, Fairbanks, Alaska: Operational facilities, $809,000. Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska: Operational facilities, administrative facilities, and utilities, $2,939,000. Galena Airport, Galena, Alaska: Maintenance facilities, $135,000. K i n g Salmon Airport, Naknek, Alaska: Operational facilities, $494,000. Various locations: Operational facilities, maintenance facilities, troop housing, and community facilities, $1,607,000. HEADQUARTERS


Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Maryland: Operational facilities, maintenance facilities, and administrative facilities, $1,270,000. M I L I T A R Y AIR TRANSPORT


McGuire Air Force Base, Wrightstown, New Jersey: Operational facilities, $269,000. Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, California: Operational facilities, $71,000. STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND

Altus Air Force Base, Altus, Oklahoma: Maintenance facilities, $120,000. Bergstrom Air Force Base, Austin, Texas: Community facilities, $350,000. Blytheville Air Force Base, Blytheville, Arkansas: Operational facilities, $50,000. Bunker Hill Air Force Base, Peru, Indiana: Operational facilities, $210,000. Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas: Community facilities, $154,000. Castle Air Force Base, Merced, California: Maintenance facilities, $229,000. Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base, Clinton, Oklahoma: Operational facilities, and maintenance facilities, $170,000. Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus, Mississippi: Operational facilities, $71,000. Dow Air Force Base, Bangor, Maine: Operational facilities, maintenance facilities, and supply facilities, $473,000. Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, Texas: Operational facilities, $6,027,000. Ellsworth Air Force Base, Rapid City, South Dakota: Operational facilities, and maintenance facilities, $416,000. Fairchild Air Force Base, Spokane, Washington: Maintenance facilities, $120,000. Glasgow Air Force Base, Glasgow, Montana: Training facilities, $276,000. Larson Air Force Base, Moses Lake, Washington: Maintenance facilities, $160,000. Little Rock Air Force Base, Little Rock, Arkansas: Operational facilities, and maintenance facilities, $415,000. Lockbourne Air Force Base, Columbus, Ohio: Operational facilities, and maintenance facilities, $614,000.