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-22amounts payable by the employees and their dependents, shall be fully reimbursable to the Canal Zone Government by those agencies. (b) The appropriation or fund of the agency bearing the cost of the compensation of the employee concerned is made available for reimbursements under subsection (a)(2) of this section. (c) Appropriations of the Department of Defense available for medical care are made available for the reimbursement of the Canal Zone Government for the cost of providing medical care for dependents of military personnel (to the extent that the care is authorized by chapter 55 of title 10, U.S. Code) in facilities operated by the Canal Zone Government. § 233. Use of funds for free medical and hospital care prohibited Funds of the Canal Zone Government or the Panama Canal Company may not be used for providing free medical and hospital care to employees of the Panama Canal Company or the Canal Zone Government. § 234. Sale of water to Republic of Panama Pending the establishment by the Republic of Panama of an independent water-supply system, and as long as the Republic desires to utilize a supply of water from the Canal Zone, the Republic of Panama shall pay to the Panama Canal Company, for the water so supplied, at such reasonable rate as may be agreed upon by the United States and the Republic of Panama. § 235. Disaster relief If an emergency arises because of disaster or calamity by flood,,, hurricane, earthquake, fire, pestilence, or like cause, not foreseen ot otherwise provided for, and occurring in the Canal Zone, or occurring in the Republic of Panama in such circumstances as to constitute an actual or potential hazard to health, safety, security, or property in the Canal Zone, the Canal Zone Government and the Panama Canal Company may expend available funds and utilize or furnish materials, supplies, equipment, and services for relief, assistance, and protection. CHAPTER 11—CLAIMS FOR INJURIES TO PERSONS OR PROPERTY BUBCBAPTEB I—C!LAIMS ARISING FROM CIVIL GOVERNMENT

See. 271. Claims for losses of, or damages to, property. SUBCHAPTER II


2fil. Injuries in loolcs of Canal. 292. Injuries outside locks. 2 K. Measure of damages generally. SS 294. Delays for which no responsibility assumed. 295. Settlement of claims. 296. Actions on claims. 297. Investigation of accident or injury giving rise to claim.

Subchapter I—Claims Arising From Civil Government § 271. Claims for losses of, or damages to, property The Governor, or his designee, may adjust and pay claims for losses of, or damages to, property arising from the ciAril government, including health, sanitation and protection, of the Canal Zone. An award made to a claimant pursuant to this section shall be payable out of any moneys appropriated or made available for the civil government, including health, sanitation and protection, of the Canal