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-63(4) certification of copy of marriage certificate $1. 00 (6) searching records and giving certificate thereto of any fact or facts contained thereui . 50 (6) taking acknowledgments, each .50 (7) administering oaths, each .25 (8) recording powers of attorney, deeds, and other instruments where fee is not specified by another statute, for each page of 100 words or fraction thereof, with minimum charge of $1.00 for each instrument . 25 § 345. Fees of marshal and other persons serving district court process The United States marshal and other persons serving process of the district court shall collect the following fees: (1) executing process, preliminary and final judgments, and decrees of any court, for each mile of travel in the service of process going one way, reckoned from the place of service to the place to which the process is returnable, 10 cents; (2) serving an attachment against the property of the defendant, $1, together with a reasonable allowance to be made by the court for any expenses necessarily incurred in caring for the property attached; (3) arresting each defendant in a civil action, 50 cents; (4) serving summons and copy of complaint for each defendant, $1; but in special proceedings, testamentary or administrative, where several members of a family residing at the same place are defendants, for each defendant, 50 cents; (5) serving subpoenas, for each witness served, 50 cents plus travel fees; (6) each copy of any process necessarily deposited in the office of registrar of property, 10 cents for each one hundred words, but not less than 50 cents in each case; (7) taking bonds or other instruments of indemnity or security, 25 cents each: (8) executing a writ of process to put a person in possession of real estate, $ 1; (9) attending with prisoner on habeas corpus trial, for each day, $ 1; (10) transporting each prisoner on habeas corpus or otherwise, when required, for every mile going and returning, 10 cents; (11) advertising sale, $2 plus printer's charge; (12) taking inventory of goods levied upon, to be charged only when the inventory is necessary, a sum fixed by the court not exceeding the actual reasonable cost of the same to be shown by vouchers; (13) levying an execution on property, $2; (14) on all money collected by him by order of a decree, execution, attachment, or any other process, the following sums: (A) on the first $100 or less, 2 %; (B) on the second $100, 11/2%; (C) on all sums between $200 and $1,000,1%; and (D) on all sums in excess of $1,000, i/^%; (15) services in a criminal case except for the summoning of witnesses, a sum to be fixed by the court not exceeding $25 where conviction is for a misdemeanor, and not exceeding $100 where conviction is for a felony. § 346. Fees for attempts to serve process The following fees shall be charged for return on and mileage in attempts to serve process, or any order, judgment, or decree of the district court in civil cases: