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-174§ 2058. Termination of hiring by hirer The hirer of a thing may terminate the hiring before the end of the term agreed upon: (1) when the letter does not, within a reasonable time after request, fulfill his obligations, if any, as to placing and securing the hirer in the quiet possession of the thing hired, or putting it into good condition, or repairing; or (2) when the greater part of the thing hired, or that part which was and which the letter had at the time of the hiring reason to believe was the material inducement to the hirer to enter into the contract, perishes from any other causes than the want of ordinary care of the hirer. § 2059. Termination of hiring generally The hiring of a thing terminates: (1) at the end of the term agreed upon; (2) by the mutual consent of the parties; (3) by the hirer acquiring a title to the thing hired superior to that of the letter; or (4) by the destruction of the thing hired. § 2060. Death or incapacity of party If the hiring of a thing is terminable at the pleasure of one of the parties, it is terminated by notice to the other of his death or incapacity to contract. In other cases it is not terminated thereby. § 2061. Apportionment of hire When the hiring of a thing is terminated before the time originally agreed upon, the hirer shall pay the due proportion of the hire for such use as he has actually made of the thing, unless the use is merely nominal and of no benefit to him. § 2062. Obligations of letter of personal property One who lets personal property shall deliver it to the hirer, secure his quiet enjoyment thereof against all lawful claimants, put it into a condition fit for the purpose for which he lets it, and repair all deteriorations thereof not occasioned by the fault of the hirer and not the natural result of its use. § 2063. Ordinary expenses A hirer of personal property shall bear all such expenses concerning it as might naturally be foreseen to attend it during its use by him. All other expenses must be borne by the letter. § 2064. Extraordinary expenses If a letter fails to fulfill his obligations as prescribed by section 2062 of this title, the hirer, after giving him notice to do so, if notice can conveniently be given, may expend any reasonable amount necessary to make good the letter's default, and may recover that amount from him. § 2065. Return of thing hired At the expiration of the term for which personal property is hired, the hirer shall return it to the letter at the place contemplated by the parties at the time of hiring; or, if no particular place was so contemplated by them, at the place at which it was at that time.