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-508§ 3806. Disposition of papers and bail (a) A magistrate shall keep all papers relating to criminal matters in which a preliminary examination has been held in good order and on file in his office until an information is filed in the district court. (b) Within two days after the preliminary examination, the magistrate shall deliver to the United States attorney a transcript of all proceedings had in the action, and copies of all papers relating thereto including the original complaint, warrant, affidavits and the names of the witnesses. (c) Upon the filing of an information by the United States attorney, the magistrate shall deliver to the clerk of the district court all papers relating to the proceedings and all undertakings or moneys deposited in lieu thereof with the magistrate for appearance in the district court. CHAPTER 211—PROCEEDINGS IN MAGISTRATES* COURTS SUBCHAPTER I

Sec. 3841. 3842. 3843. 3844. 8845. 3846. 3847. 3848. 3849. 3850.

Provisions applicable to magistrates' courts. Rules of procedure in criminal actions in magistrates' courts. Criminal dockets. Computation of time. Presence of defendant. Harmless error; plain error. Application of general provisions. Double jeopardy. Security to keep the peace. Limitation of actions. StfBCHAPTER II

3881. 3882. 3883. 3884. 3885. 3886. 3887. 3888. 3889. 3890. 3891. 3892.



Complaint, warrant, and arrest. Appearance before magistrate. Postponement or continuance of trial. Dismissal of actions. Amendment of complaint. Joinder of offenses and defendants. Trial together of complaints; relief from prejudicial joinder. Reading complaint to defendant; plea. Proceedings on plea of guilty. Proceedings on plea of not guilty. Conduct of trial; evidence. Judgment and execution; probation. SUBCHAPTER lU—APPEALS TO DISTRICT COURT

3921. 3922. 3923. 3924. 3925. 3926. 3927.

Right of appeal by defendant Manner of taking appeal. Transmitting warrant and complaint to district court. Trial de novo In district court. Amendment of complaint in district court. Appeals by Government. Withdrawal of appeal by defendant. SUBCHAPTER IV—CRIMINAL CONTEMPTS

3961. Summary disposition. 3962. Disposition; notice and hearing. 3963. Judgment.

Subchapter I—General Provisions § 3841. Provisions applicable to magistrates' courts (a) Magistrates' courts being courts of limited jurisdiction, this Part, other than this chapter, applies to magistrates' courts and the proceedings therein only to the exent to which it is specifically made applicable by this chapter.