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-530§ 4412. Judgment for fine and costs; attachment of property If a judgment is for a fine and costs, with or without imprisonment, execution may be issued thereon attaching the property of the defendant. § 4413. Execution of judgment for imprisonment or for fine and costs If the judgment is for imprisonment, or a fine and costs and imprisonment until they are paid, the defendant shall forthwith be committed to the custody of the proper officer and be detained by him until the judgment is complied with. § 4414. Execution of judgment for imprisonment in penitentiary If the judgment is for imprisonment in the penitentiary, the marshal, upon receipt of a certified copy thereof, shall take and deliver the defendant to the warden of the penitentiary. He shall also deliver to the warden the certified copy or the judgment, and take from the warden a receipt for the defendant. § 4415. Execution of judgment for imprisonment in jail A sentence of imprisonment in jail, when imposed either by the district judge or a magistrate, may be executed by confinement in any jail of the Canal Zone. § 4416. Concurrent and consecutive sentences (a) A judgment imposing a sentence of imprisonment in a penitentiary or jail shall specify whether the sentence is to be served con currently with or consecutively to any other sentence imposed at the same time or prior thereto. If the sentences are to be served consecutively, the judgment shall specify when each sentence is to begin with reference to the termination of any other sentence. (b) Unless the judgment specifically postpones the commencement of a sentence pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, the sentence commences to run on the date fixed by section 4417 of this title, and shall be served concurrently with any other sentence imposed at the same time or prior thereto. (c) Concurrent penitentiary and jail sentences shall all be served in the penitentiary until all penitentiary sentences have been served. § 4417. Commencement of term of imprisonment Except as provided by section 4416 of this title and Rule 38 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the term of imprisonment fixed by the judgment in a criminal action commences to run only upon the actual delivery of the defendant at the place of the imprisonment. Credit toward the service of a sentence shall be given to a defendant for any days spent in custody prior to the imposition of sentence by the sentencing court for want of bail set for the offense under which sentence was imposed where the statute requires the imposition of a minimum mandatory sentence. § 4418. Temporary releases If during the term of imprisonment the defendant by any legal means is temporarily released from imprisonment and subsequently returned thereto, the time during which he was at large may not be computed as part of the term.