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-547Subchapter I—Extradition and Removal Generally; Rewards § 4981. Application of extradition laws and treaties of United States All laws and treaties relating to the extradition of persons accused of crime in force in the United States, to the extent that they are not in conflict with or superseded by any special treaty entered into between the United States and the Republic of Panama with respect to the Canal Zone, and all laws relating to the rendition of fugitives from justice as between the several States and Territories of the United States, shall extend to and be considered in force in the Canal Zone, and for such purposes the Canal Zone shall be considered and treated as an organized Territory of the United States. § 4982. Arrest and removal to or from the Canal Zone Section 3041 of Title 18, United States Code, and Rule 40 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, as far as applicable, apply throughout the United States for the arrest and removal therefrom to the Canal Zone of any person charged with the commission of any crime or offense against the United States within the Canal Zone, and apply within the Canal Zone for the arrest and removal therefrom to the United States of any person charged with the commission of any crime or offense against the United States. The person may, by any judge or magistrate of the Canal Zone, and agreeably to the usual mode of process against offenders therein, be arrested and imprisoned or bailed, as the case may be, pending the issuance of a warrant for his removal to the United States, which warrant it shall be the duty of a judge of the district court seasonably to issue, and of the officer or agent of the United States designated for the purpose to execute. The officer or agent, when engaged in executing the warrant without the Canal Zone, has all the powers of a marshal of the United States as far as such powers are requisite for the prisoner's safe keeping and the execution of the warrant. § 4983. Payment of expenses When the Governor of the Canal Zone demands the surrender to the authorities of the Canal Zone of an accused person who has been found and arrested in any State of the United States or in any foreign country, the accounts of the person employed by the Governor to bring back the accused person shall be audited and paid out of the treasury of the Canal Zone. § 4984. Limitation on compensation, fee, or reward Compensation, fees, or rewards of any kind may not be paid to or received by a public officer of the Canal Zone, or other person, for a service rendered in procuring from the Governor the demand provided for by section 4983 of this title, or the surrender of the accused person, or for conveying him to the Canal Zone, or detaining him therein, except as provided in that section. §4985. Rewards for apprehension of fugitives The Governor may offer a reward not exceeding $1,000 for the apprehension of: (1) a convict who has escaped from the penitentiary; or (2) a person who has committed or is charged with the commission of an offense punishable with death.